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IBM Tech Now: Envizi + Turbonomic, IBM Power Updates and the IBM CIS Standard Next Plan


Welcome to IBM Tech Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM technology news and announcements. Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: 🤍 Check out the following resources: (00:20) 1. IBM Envizi + IBM Turbonomic: 🤍 (01:40) 2. IBM Power Updates: 🤍 (02:41) 3. The new IBM CIS Standard Next Plan: 🤍 Subscribe to the IBM Cloud channel to be notified when a new IBM Tech Now video publishes → 🤍 ► Earn a badge with FREE browser-based Kubernetes labs: 🤍 Get started on IBM Cloud for free → 🤍 #IBMCloud #IBMNews #IBMCloudAnnouncements

IBM Tech Now: Cloudflare Bot Management on IBM CIS and a Detection and Response Framework for MFTs


Welcome to IBM Tech Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM technology news and announcements. Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: 🤍 Check out the following resources: (00:19) 1. The announcement of Cloudflare Bot Management on IBM CIS: 🤍 (01:55) 2. X-Force's detection and response framework for MFTs: 🤍 Subscribe to the IBM Cloud channel to be notified when a new IBM Tech Now video publishes → 🤍 ► Earn a badge with FREE browser-based Kubernetes labs: 🤍 Get started on IBM Cloud for free → 🤍 #IBMCloud #IBMNews #IBMCloudAnnouncements

O que é IBM Cloud CIS (Cloud Internet Service)


Cloud Internet Services (CIS) é um serviço que oferece confiabilidade, desempenho e segurança para aplicativos, sites e serviços voltados para a Internet usando os mais de 165 pontos de presença (PoPs) globais da Cloudflare. Inclui Domain Name Service (DNS), Global Load Balancer (GLB), proteção Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Rate Limiting, Smart Routing e Caching. Resumo IBM Cloud CIS (Cloud Internet Service) é um serviço que fornece confiabilidade, desempenho e segurança para aplicativos, websites e serviços da Internet. Destaques 🔒 O IBM Cloud CIS oferece proteção contra crimes cibernéticos e ataques cibernéticos, que podem causar perdas financeiras significativas. 🌐 O serviço está integrado com mais de 150 Pontos de Presença (PoPs) em todo o mundo, proporcionando cobertura global e melhor desempenho. ⚙️ O IBM Cloud CIS inclui recursos como DNS, proteção DDoS, SSL/TLS, firewall de aplicativos da web, armazenamento em cache e balanceamento de carga. 📈 O serviço mitiga ataques DDoS e protege contra atores maliciosos, propagando medidas de bloqueio a todos os clientes que utilizam o serviço. 💼 O IBM Cloud CIS está disponível em vários planos, oferecendo diferentes recursos e opções de preços para atender a diversas necessidades. 💡 Assista sobre IBM Cloud também: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

IBM R/CIS GTS 2019-2020 New Year Show


Концертная версия новогоднего поздравления команды руководителей IBM GTS R/CIS 2019-2020 год

What is Ansible?


Use Ansible on IBM Cloud Schematics today → 🤍 Learn more about IBM and Red Hat → 🤍 Check out Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud → 🤍 How can you replace your repetitive, mundane IT tasks and become more productive and efficient? In this lightboard video, Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, visually explains how Ansible, an open source IT automation tool originally developed by Red Hat, can help you automate repetitive system administration tasks by walking through three key uses cases. Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Provisioning use case 2:07 - Config management use case 2:41 - Declarative 3:29 - Ansible Playbook 6:22 - Agent-less 7:53 - Idempotent 9:04 - Community driven 10:32 - App deployment use case Get started on IBM Cloud at no cost → 🤍 Subscribe to see more videos like this in the future → 🤍 #Ansible #ITAutomation #RedHat

What is Single Sign On (SSO)


Read about IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence: 🤍 Be honest: You have lots of passwords to remember and you "cheat" by using the same one on multiple sites. Or by writing them down. That's a real security risk! In this video, Jeff Crume explains how a much better option, Single-Sign On or SSO, can help you manage a mountain of passwords without compromising security. Get started for free on IBM Cloud → 🤍 Subscribe to see more videos like this in the future → 🤍

What's Changed in CIS Controls v8


The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of Safeguards to mitigate the most prevalent cyber-attacks against systems and networks. They are mapped to and referenced by multiple legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks. CIS Controls v8 has been enhanced to keep up with modern systems and software. Movement to cloud-based computing, virtualization, mobility, outsourcing, Work-from-Home, and changing attacker tactics prompted the update and supports an enterprise's security as they move to both fully cloud and hybrid environments. Download CIS Controls v8: 🤍

What is ASM (Attack Surface Management)?


Learn more about Randori → 🤍 Security Intelligence: Why you need ASM → 🤍 Learn more: What is ASM? → 🤍 What is the attack surface and why does it need managing, you ask? In this video, Sam Hector explains just what ASM is and how it can help you respond proactively to threats and stop them before they start. Get started for free on IBM Cloud → 🤍 Subscribe to see more videos like this in the future → 🤍 #ASM #Randori #cybersecurity

CIS Cloud Security Shared Responsibility Model Guide


Depending on what the organization’s cloud infrastructure looks like, the responsibility of security actions varies between the cloud user and the cloud service provider (CSP). Simply put, the shared responsibility model outlines what security actions an organization is responsible for and what security actions the CSP should manage. The CIS Controls, CIS Benchmarks, and CIS Hardened Images offered by the Center for Internet Security, are three globally-recognized cybersecurity resources that can help cloud consumers meet the expectations of the shared responsibility model. Download the guide. Learn more here: 🤍 Connect with us: 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍

CIS v IBM and Triple Point v PTT – lessons learned for IT contracts


Our litigation team discussed the key points to bear in mind when negotiating and delivering an IT contract, using lessons learned from the recent significant cases of CIS General Insurance Limited v IBM United Kingdom Limited and Triple Point Technology, Inc v PTT Public Company Ltd. In this session we covered: • options open to parties when a milestone is not achieved; • disputing invoices; • liability caps; • liquidated damages; and • an update on other boilerplate clauses, including notice clauses, non-waiver clauses and variation clauses. Speaker biographies Iain Rutherford, Partner - Iain advises clients in relation to a broad range of commercial disputes with an emphasis on IT, IP & telecoms, oil & gas, corporate and financial services disputes. He has represented clients in relation to various IT/IP related disputes including trade mark and patent infringement, outsourcing, domain name and IT supplier disputes. Iain has also acted for banks and financial services institutions in relation to high profile and high value professional negligence, misrepresentation, contractual and pensions disputes and has acted in a wide variety of corporate litigation including warranty claims, unfair prejudice petitions and related shareholder disputes.Iain is a Solicitor Advocate and his practice is primarily in the UK Courts. He is, however, an enthusiastic proponent of alternative dispute resolution, with recent experience of mediation, international arbitration (IT, Oil & Gas, international trade) and expert determination (both financial and technical). Monica Connelly, Senior Associate - Monica specialises in commercial dispute resolution, with a particular focus on IT/outsourcing disputes. She has successfully resolved complex and high value disputes for a number of international technology organisations. She also advises individuals and businesses in relation to a wide range of commercial and corporate issues, including contractual disputes, warranty claims and unfair prejudice actions. While Monica has extensive experience of successfully resolving disputes through litigation (primarily in the Court of Session, but also in the Sheriff Courts), she is also an advocate of utilising alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, expert determination and mediation. Ross Campbell, Associate - Ross is a Solicitor Advocate who specialises in commercial litigation and acts for clients in a broad range of commercial disputes with a focus on contractual disputes and professional liability litigation. He has particular expertise in complex corporate litigations on behalf of shareholders and directors such as unfair prejudice petitions and breaches of warranty following corporate sales and investments. He also has a wealth of court advocacy experience having represented clients in both Sheriff Courts and the Court of Session in a variety of hearings. Ross also has experience assisting clients in resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution where possible and regularly represents clients in formal mediations. * Receive our latest legal updates – 🤍 * More of our Enlightened Thinking – 🤍 * Connect with us on LinkedIn - 🤍 * Follow us on Facebook - 🤍 * Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 * Follow us on Instagram - 🤍

Пенко Динев, Главен оперативен директор, IBM Ukraine and CIS


Попитахме наши клиенти и партньори какви са искали да станат, когато са били малки.

Asking Interns How Much Money They Make


Today, I walk around UC Berkeley CalHacks and ask tech interns where they've worked and how much they make. Some of these numbers will shock you. Thanks to Dice for sponsoring today’s video. It’s time to LevelUpWIthDice and take control of your career! Check out the below to get started 😊 Dice, Where Tech Connects: 🤍 Tech Insights: 🤍 2022 Tech Salary Report: 🤍 Timestamps: 5:11 - 6:04: Dice Shoutout (Ad) Here are other resources: Udemy Homepage: 🤍 100 Days of Code: 🤍 Data Structure Interviews and Algos: 🤍 Web Dev Bootcamp: 🤍 Complete Web Development Bootcamp: 🤍 Data Structures and Algos: 🤍 Other Python Courses: 🤍 ▶️ Subscribe: 🤍 Past Videos: ⏰ Fastest way to learn backend development and actually get a job: 🤍 🎙️ My entire computer science degree in 14 minutes: 🤍 ⏰ Fastest way to learn coding and actually get a job: 🤍 ✅ The best programming language to learn in 2022: 🤍 🎲 This riddle got me a software engineer job at Microsoft: 🤍 ⏰ Feeling behind? Watch this: 🤍 👊 This resume got me 15 software engineer offers: 🤍 🔥 Roasting my past software engineer resumes: 🤍 💡 Every software engineer role explained: 🤍 🌧️ Day in the life in Seattle (Microsoft): 🤍 📝 The 5-Part guide to getting that dream offer: 🤍 🪜 The software engineering ladder explained: 🤍 🧩 How to be a better problem solver: 🤍 🧮 Why I studied computer science (and you should too): 🤍 🎒 How I would learn to code (if I could start over): 🤍 🗽 A day in the life in New York City: 🤍 😎 I'm not the best programmer: 🤍 🌇 A day in the life of a software engineer in San Francisco: 🤍 ⏰ 10 years of coding: everything I've ever learned: 🤍 🎉 Personal website: 🤍 Investing: ► Webull ($34+ in Free Stock!) ➭ 🤍 ► Robinhood (Get a Free Stock!) ➭ 🤍 ► Coinbase ($10 Free BTC when trading at least $100) ➭ 🤍 ► Gemini ($10 Free BTC when trading at least $100) ➭ 🤍 My Equipment: M1 Macbook Pro: 🤍 iPhone 13 Pro: 🤍 Phopik 55'' Tripod: 🤍 Deity V-Mic D4 Duo: 🤍 Boom Mic Stand: 🤍 Audio Cable Extension: 🤍 TRS to TRRS Patch Cable: 🤍 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter: 🤍 Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links. Using these links is one of the best ways to support me at no cost to you! This video has been dubbed using an artificial voice via 🤍 to increase accessibility. You can change the audio track language in the Settings menu. Sub count: 128,000 #tech #money #programming #coding #softwareengineer

The Highest Paying Certifications in Cyber Security?


#cybersecurity #womenintech #technology #tech #technical #techjobs #certification #techcareer #career

The Pros and Cons of Cybersecurity!


Join us for an in-depth conversation with a 24-year-old senior cybersecurity engineer, Tayvion Payton! This young professional will share his experiences and knowledge on the challenges and rewards of working in cybersecurity! If you want to work in cybersecurity, check out syntax technologies! They are a leading cybersecurity bootcamp and if you mention “Cyrus” to them, they will give you a $200 discount! Syntax Technologies (202) 817-4198 🤍 Mention: “Cyrus” for $200 discount! Follow Tayvion Payton on Instagram: Let us know what questions you want us to ask our future tech guests and what kind of guests we should interview. Got any questions? Click Here To Check Out ALL Recommended Bootcamps, Discounts & FAQs 🤍 Here are the 4 bootcamps I most recommend! 1. CourseCareers is self paced. You can finish it in 3 weeks or 3 months. They offer tech sales roles only & are partnered with tech companies, so they’re usually able to get you a tech career quickly or a paid internship (up to $21/hr) while you wait to get hired on. They only offer courses for people in North America. They’re just $449 with my discount code that gives you $50 off! Discount Code: Cyrus50 CourseCareers Website Here 👇🏾 🤍 2. Careerist (the bootcamp I chose/USA Only) These courses are 4 weeks long, virtual and are 8pm - 10:30pm Sun- Thur (Eastern). They record their classes In case you miss any. They are not partnered with tech companies, but they fix your resume & LinkedIn to industry standards and they apply to 5 companies a day for you & set you up on interviews. They also do interview coaching & provide really good interview cheat sheets. They’re $4k, but I have a $300 discount link that you use with their sales too! The discount Is attached to the link automatically. Careerist Discount Link: 🤍 3. General Assembly (Global BootCamp) (Courses: Data Analytics, Software Engineering, UX/UI Design, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Javascript/Python/Front-End/React Development) $200 DISCOUNT LINK: 🤍 4. If you want to work in CYBERSECURITY, check out syntax technologies! They are a leading cybersecurity bootcamp and if you mention “Cyrus” to them, they will give you a $200 discount! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍Imjustcyrus | 🤍TechIsTheNewBlack Youtube | 🤍 Keep me posted on your journey! Interested in being a guest or recommending a guest?! We are looking for more guests who are Startup founders, tech recruiters, senior level and tech influencers! If you fit this category, email us at info🤍 Podcast Host: Cyrus Harbin / 🤍Imjustcyrus Director of Photography: Eric Bates / 🤍IamEricBates Audio Engineer: 🤍IamEricBates Executive Producer: 🤍Imjustcyrus Senior Producer: Rhea Dawkins / 🤍Rsvpmeplease Associate Producer: Auzsha Gardner / 🤍Auzarella , 🤍IamEricBates Video Editor: 🤍iamericbates #remotework #wfh #techlife #fintechlife #techlifestyle #blackmenintech #blackengineers #techisthenewblack #explorepage #discoverpage #wfh #workfromhome #womenintech

IBM i in 2021: It’s Not Just AS/400 with Steve Will


Interested in finding out how HelpSystems software can give your AS/400 a new lease on life? Request to speak with an expert: 🤍 True or False: The IBM i operating system is just the AS/400 all over again. False! The AS/400 provided a solid foundation, but it has evolved over the years into the entirely new technology that we call IBM i. The 2021 chapter in our journey from AS/400 to IBM i includes new cloud offerings, new Technology Refreshes, new customers, and a strong roadmap. How do these additions make the platform more powerful? During this session, IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to share a unique perspective on the direction of this platform, including: -IBM’s technology and business strategies for IBM i -Ways that IBM i fits into your cloud strategy -Key takeaways from the AS/400 days IBM i stands on the shoulders of giants. Its heritage and strategic innovation point to a bright future for this strategic server that continues to support organizations in every industry around the world. Don’t miss a moment as the saga unfolds—watch now!

CIS 101 Series: Matt Ganis


CIS 101 - Introduction to Computing - is part of the core curriculum at Pace University. Matt Ganis is a Pace professor with a passion for demonstrating that technology doesn't have to be boring (not that we'd ever say it was!). Prof Ganis is one of Seidenberg's top adjunct professors, teaching classes in python, intro to IT, and astronomy. His career at IBM has spanned over three decades and, through his abilities to identify and seize opportunities for Pace students, he's the reason that Pace students coded software that was used in a NASA payload! You'll have to watch to find out what happened. One of the top pieces of advice Prof Ganis gives for students in CIS 101 from non-tech majors is to consider this: how could you apply what you are learning to YOUR discipline? There's always a way to tweak, manipulate, and work out details so technology is relevant to you. Tech is everywhere, after all, and it's only becoming more ingrained in our lives and careers as we advance. Learn more about the Seidenberg School at Pace University! 🤍

CIS Controls: Use Cases and Cost-Justification


Join Tripwire’s Mike Betti and Brian Cusack a panel webcast where they walk you through common use cases to show how worthwhile an investment in the 20 CIS Controls can be.

STIG and CIS compliance for cloud-native Java deployments with Liberty


Summary In this session, we will look at how to apply the two most common cybersecurity compliance standards to your Liberty application server configurations: The US Department of Defense Systems Agency’s Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. Key Speakers Ajay Reddy Emily Tuczkowski Gary R Picher

A Day in the Life of a Microsoft Software Engineer | Seattle


Watch a day in my life as a software engineer at Microsoft’s headquarters near Seattle. While I am based in Silicon Valley, I sometimes travel to the Redmond headquarters in person, and I hope you enjoy a sneak peak into all the cool stuff at the Redmond Campus. To those wondering: No, I am not an intern. I am a full-time employee. I know I have a baby face. Don’t remind me. Also, I may or may not still be an engineer. #DayInTheLife #SoftwareEngineer #microsoft Also, all the experiences, thoughts, and views displayed in this video are purely my own and don’t represent the company. 🤍

CIS Group and Mjoll


Mimir by Mjoll is an easy-to-use tool for video content creators which automates metadata logging using integrated AI services and at the same time archives your media to the cloud. It harnesses the power of market leading cognitive services from Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and others to automatically make your archives searchable and therefore more valuable. We have built intuitive and powerful search tools, along with a range of other smart features, to create the most comprehensive cloud-based video production tool on the market. Enable cognitive services into your video workflow today and harness the power of AI to simplify complex and time consuming tasks!

Testing an IBM Aptiva Desktop PC from 1997


This IBM Aptiva 2137-E14 was saved from an e-waste fate recently and sent to me in unknown condition with unknown parts inside. So let's open it up, look inside, power it on, and try out some software! Windows 98 and MS-DOS goodies await. Oh and it looks like the weird graphical glitches in certain DOS games is due to VESA weirdness being weird. Here's a fix! 🤍

A Sealed Mystery From 1984 - The IBM PC Graphical File System | #DOSCember


What happened when you go searching through eBay and find a strange and mysterious IBM branded package? Well, you go out, buy it, dump it, and then spend the better part of a month researching it. Obviously this is a lesson to be more careful on my eBay purchases! To be honest, the name itself is interesting, after all, just what is a 'Graphical File System', and what are these ANSI Metafiles the box talks about? Here in 2020, we're going to crack the shrinkwrap of this 36 year old mystery, and unbox it live on camera. Inside that box that has sat sealed for over 30 years, I found a few floppy disks, and more than a few questions. As it would turn out, I would end up end up following a rabbit hole that went back years upon years to ANSI's original efforts to standard computer graphics in the form of Graphical Kernel System, but with a nearly useless manual, lost software, and a rare add-on that I only knew about by watching one of LGR's videos, I knew I was going to have a tough time ahead of me. There's little information on IBM's Professional Graphics System, or the Professional Graphics Controller, so In truth, this video has been the works since early November, and it took me that long to put everything together NCommander Links: Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Music is from 🤍, with the following tracks used in order: - The Mole - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Infiltrator - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen - Perjury - Dream Cave - A Travelers' Gloom - Dew Of Light - Tragedy Unfolds - Dream Cave - What We Discovered - Philip Ayers - Cryptic Secrecy - Dream Cave - Person of Interest - Dream Cave - Rescue Mission - Lupus Nocte Although this video was released before I was aware of #DOSCember, I've retroactively added that hash tag since it does indeed fall under the subject! It's great that so many people are coming together to help celebrate the legacy of DOS, so here's my own part of that!

STIG and CIS compliance for cloud-native Java deployments with Liberty


In this session, we will look at how to apply the two most common cybersecurity compliance standards to your Liberty application server configurations: The US Department of Defense Systems Agency’s Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

Cybersecurity Frameworks 101: What You Need to Know About NIST and CIS


There is widespread recognition about the benefits of implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the CIS Critical Security Controls. Organizations are looking for guidance about how they can strengthen security in phases using risk-based prioritization along with these frameworks and controls. During this webinar replay CCSI provides basic information about implementing NIST CSF in conjunction with the risk-based prioritization offered by the CIS Critical Security Controls.



Не забудь подписаться! 🤍 Вопросы? Пиши в комментариях Кто не мечтает работать на стыке Tech и Management Consulting? Не даром сейчас так популярны McKinsey Digital, BCG Digital Ventures и другие стартапы консалтинговых компаний. Оказывается, подобные стартапы есть и у Tech-гигантов! О работе в таком стартапе, IBM IX, рассказывает Настя Ким. ТАЙМ-ТЕГИ: 00:34 Background 01:20 Почему IBM? 03:57 IBM и Consulting? 07:28 Интересные проекты в IBM IX 10:40 Что делает консультант? 18:49 Как получить международный опыт в iX? 26:29 За пределами работы 30:03 Как попасть? 32:34 Gender diversity ССЫЛКИ: - Программа Consulting by Degrees 🤍 - IBM iX 🤍 БУДЕМ НА СВЯЗИ FLESS 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 VK 🤍 Telegram 🤍

This 8-bit ISA to USB Adapter Card for Vintage PCs


I purchased one of these unbranded CH375 ISA USB interface cards a while back and it finally arrived. So let's test it out with MS-DOS on an IBM PC AT 5170 and try it with a USB flash drive and some DOS games! I don't have a link to the exact item since it's just a generic thing, but you can find them on places like Aliexpress and eBay by searching "ISA to USB card." Tech Tangents covered the adapter as well after I made this video and has some really useful tips to make it work even better! Check that out here: 🤍

CIS (Control Point) Webinar


CIS (Control Point) Webinar 5th Feb 2019

Денис Савицкий, Esri CIS. Использование ГИС Esri совместно с программными продуктами других вендоров


Рассмотрены продукты, созданные в партнерстве Esri с Microsoft, SAP, Autodesk (AutoCAD), Amazon Web Services, Adobe, IBM.

Bentley University CIS Sandbox Ohbot


Check out the Ohbot in action

IBS Medicine Ad - SNL


A commercial advertises a new medicine that helps control irritable bowel syndrome. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: 🤍 Subscribe to SNL: 🤍 Stream Current Full Episodes: 🤍 WATCH PAST SNL SEASONS Google Play - 🤍 iTunes - 🤍 SNL ON SOCIAL SNL Instagram: 🤍 SNL Facebook: 🤍 SNL Twitter: 🤍 SNL TikTok: 🤍 GET MORE NBC Like NBC: 🤍 Follow NBC: 🤍 NBC Tumblr: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 NBC Instagram: 🤍 #SNL #CareyMulligan #KidCudi #SNL46

Full Video 👆 Deloitte USI welcome kit 🎁 #shorts #youtubeshorts #unboxing


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IBM Utilities- Mainframe JCL Tutorial - Part 13


Job Control Language (JCL) is the command language of Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), which is the commonly used Operating System in the IBM Mainframe computers. JCL identifies the program to be executed, the inputs that are required and location of the input/output and informs the Operating System through Job control Statements. In mainframe environment, programs can be executed in batch and online modes. JCL is used for submitting a program for execution in batch mode. JCL is a Scripting language is used to communicate with the MVS operating system.we use JCL to run jobs on MVS operating systems.We can use JCL to perform a set of a task in steps or sequence. Divided into various types of statements and parameters.A COBOL program will run through JCL.JCL provides all the resource and information such as the file names, a location of the file, associated file name, compiled module location, statements, parameters and much more. IBM Utilities- Mainframe JCL Tutorial - Part 13,here in this video you will learn about showing practically usage of IEFBR14 and careating a PS FILE, PDFFILES, delte a ps ile, delete pds file and also create a temporary data set. #kumaritchannel #mainframes #mainframetesting #mainframetutorial #mainframeclasses #mainframevideos #mainframejcl #jcl #mainframejcltutorial #mainframejclpractical Check the latest updates from my telegram channel . 🤍

Live interview for IT Support Engineer related Job | QnA for IT Related Job


Hi I recently gave an interview for Application Support Engineer. I have tried to explain all to the Interviewer asked however voice could recorded so I have skip my answers this video. You can still watch this complete video and check out, what are the Questions do really they ask for IT support, Application support, Desktop support, etc. Basic IT level Question for Interview and troubleshooting in 2022 || IT, Tech and Desktop Support 🤍 Customer Care Executive to Desktop Support Engineer || B.Tech Life after College 🤍 IT Support vs Technical Support Vs Desktop Support || How to get IT Job In India 🤍 Install Active Directory in Windows Server OS || Active Directory Step by Step Installation in Virtual Box. 🤍 Complete DHCP installation in Windows Server 2016 and 2019 Step by Step 🤍 DHCP Configuration in Windows Server and Setting up IP in DHCP over network in Windows Server 🤍 Thank you for watching. Support this channel by clicking on SUBSCRIBE icon.

MBSE Rhapsody SysML Method #1 - Requirements Analysis and Use Cases


This is 10 minute video that shows a method accelerator plugin developed by MBSE Training and Consulting Ltd to speed up a light-weight SysML method to generate functional requirements from analysis of textual use case using an activity model. The method helper is an open source project developed by Fraser Chadburn. The method makes use of a little known feature in the Rhapsody Gateway for bi-directional synchronization of requirements from Rhapsody to Rational DOORS and is designed as a quick win for people new to MBSE with Rhapsody.

Бизнес и творчество. Интервью с гендиректором SAP CIS


28-08-2019 15:00 Узнаем, как ему удалось построить успешную карьеру в самом инновационном секторе бизнеса и возглавлять лидирующие международные компании-бренды в России Ведущие: Ольга Васильева (🤍 Лариса Головина (🤍 В гостях: Андрей Филатов, один из лидеров ИТ-индустрии России: генеральный директор SAP CIS, бывший гендиректор IBM CIS (🤍

Что ищут прямо сейчас на
IBM CIS Polis DUN DUN 라디다 뮤비 LA DI DA Adios bagong unlock Samsung Galaxy A53 by IMEI code 에버글로우 保一 슬레이 아디오스 뮤비 MVP 에버글로우 뮤비 Adios MV 에버글로우 군무 에버글로우 MV 에버글로우 춤 에버글로우 댄스 에버글로우 컴백