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IAI's Loitering Munitions


Infantry, special forces, and tactical forces around the world are using IAI's Loitering Munitions to demolish enemy tanks and soft targets, air defense batteries, and hiding targets. 🤍

BLUE SPEAR - Surface to Surface Missile (SSM)


🤍 Blue Spear is a Surface to Surface Missile (SSM) that delivers an agile, highly penetrative, combined anti-ship and land attack capability at ranges up to 290km. With its innovative RF seeker head, and a top notch data analysis and weapon control system, Blue Spear provides next level target detection, discrimination, and classification. Overcoming both kinetic counter-fire and sophisticated electronic countermeasures, the missile can locate and attack its target in littoral, open-ocean, and overland environments. Blue Spear is designed to prevail in contested, congested, and confusing arenas that are characterized by decoys, disrupted reality, and heavy electronic interference, as well as clutter from land, and false returns. In fast-moving situations, Blue Spear incorporates mid-course updates from real-time ISTAR feeds, and can re-task in flight, especially in cooperative engagements and distributed sensor-and-shooter networks. As a Military Off-the-Shelf Solution (MOTS), Blue Spear offers time-to-procurement, entry into operational service, and risk reduction. As one of the most advanced ship-launched, anti-surface missile, its no surprise that IAI is currently offering Blue Spear to world class Navies around the world.

Maritime Harop - Loitering Munition System


🤍 The HAROP is a standoff loitering munition attack weapon system designed to locate and precisely attack targets. The HAROP loitering missile (LM) type platform which serves as an Electro-Optically guided attack weapon. HAROP LMs are launched from ground-based launchers and controlled via a two-way data link for full man-in-the-loop operation. HAROP is used to attack high-value targets, including full mission capabilities, from search, through attack and up to battle damage assessment. Combining characteristics of a missile and a UAV, HAROP enables effective mission execution without relying on other external systems for targeting and mission intelligence The HAROP LMs are programmed before launch by the GCS to autonomously fly to a pre-defined “Holding Area”, where they loiter. The MCS periodically checks their position and status during the route to the “Holding Area”. The MCS operator can thus control a number of HAROP LMs that loiter over a “Holding Area”, he can select one LM for target search and attack, while the others are monitored periodically. The operator directs the selected LM to the target area and uses the video image to select a target, and to attack it. The HAROP tracks the target and then dives on it, detonating the warhead upon impact. If required the attack can be aborted and the operator can re-attack with the same LM.

IAI Arrow 3 Interceptor


The Arrow 3 interceptor is part of the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) which is the world's first operational, national, stand-alone ATBM (Anti Tactical Ballistic Missiles) defense system. Based on the uniquely effective Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 interceptors, the Arrow modular air defense system detects, tracks, intercepts and destroys incoming TBMs carrying a range of warheads and over a large footprint, thereby protecting strategic assets and population centers. The innovative Arrow 3 interceptor is designed to intercept and destroy the newest, longer-range threats, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction. Arrow 3 integrates seamlessly into the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) complementing the current and future blocks of the Arrow 2 interceptor, thus enabling upper-tier multiple engagement opportunities. 🤍

IAI at IMDEX Asia 2023: Total Battle Unit Solutions


At IMDEX Asia 2023, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) was showcasing a large Sa'ar 6 model, highlighting the entire range of naval systems the company has to offer: From detection to defense and attack capabilities. = 01:03 - BARAK MX Integrated Air & Missile Defense System 01:40 - Gunnery solution / weapon control computer 02:02 - MF-STAR digital AESA radar 02:53 - LAHAT advanced lightweight laser homing missile 03:10 - LORA Long Range Artillery Precision Strike Tactical Missile 03:41 - Mini HARPY Multi-Purpose Tactical Loitering Munition 04:57 - VTOL UAV 05:18 - Containerized solution = For new videos every week, subscribe here! 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Check out our daily naval defense news coverage at: 🤍 NAVAL NEWS is fully focused on naval topics. We cover the latest naval defense shows & events. We also report on naval technology from all over the world. Navalnews.com is updated daily with in-depth features, industry, and naval forces news round-ups, event coverage, video reports and more. Our top of the line site is responsive across all mobile and desktop devices.

DS-SAR Satellite Launch


The DS-SAR satellite has been successfully launched – and entered Earth orbit in space! The radar satellite, developed and produced by IAI, has begun its space mission and transmitted the first data to the ground station. The satellite was successfully launched into space on a PSLV-C56 rocket, from the launch site SDSC SHAR Sriharikota, India. While in orbit, the satellite will begin a preplanned series of tests, and following their completion, will be formally handed over to its Singaporean customers DSTA and ST Electronics.

The dark matter myth | Pavel Kroupa full interview


In this insightful interview, renowned astrophysicist Pavel Kroupa challenges the conventional understanding of astrophysics by questioning the existence of dark matter. Despite the long-held belief in dark matter as a key part of our cosmology, Kroupa presents compelling statistical evidence that calls its existence into question. Instead, he proposes an alternative theory known as Modified Newtonian Dynamics. Watch this thought-provoking conversation where Kroupa explains why scientists continue to support the problematic theory of dark matter despite the evidence against it: 🤍 00:00 Introduction 02:48 Why do you think claiming that the Higgs Boson exists is not a scientific statement? 04:14 Many physicists do support the idea that dark matter exists, where does your scepticism come from on that subject 7:53 Why do people still cling on to the idea of dark matter? 11:05 Do we need an alternative to dark matter to fully comprehend our theory of gravity? 13:41 What is the right way to think about MOND's paradigm? 16:20 Is MOND able to account for the discrepancies in time when it comes to different gravitational fields? 19:23 Could the underdetermination theory be the reason why the scientific community is hesitant to move towards MOND? 22:38 - What is the most common response to your critique of the dark matter theory? 25:44 - What's wrong with the promise that a more complete theory of gravity could unify quantum mechanics 29:28 - Can you comment on the aether theory of relativity? Pavel Kroupa is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Bonn in Germany, where he leads the Stellar Populations and Dynamics research group. #PavelKroupa #DarkMatter #ModifiedNewtonianDynamics The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting-edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! 🤍 For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

IAI Mini ADA Reduced SWaP Jam Resistant GNSS System for Tactical Platforms


🤍 Mini ADA– Reduced SWaP Jam Resistant GNSS System for Tactical Platforms Modern ground assets relay on continuous Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) availability for positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). GNSS signal jamming and interference, easily achieved by cheap, low-end equipment, can seriously degrade GNSS Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) even to the point of total solution denial. IAI has over 20 years of proven experience in supplying top-tier GNSS and Anti-Jam solutions for the most demanding requirements, and vast experience in integration immune navigation solutions into airborne (manned and UAV), surface, maritime and guided munitions. As part of its portfolio, MLM offers an End - to - End GNSS Anti-Jamming solution, which includes the following capabilities: Testing, simulation and validation environment Cutting edge technology available today, achieving the highest possible jamming resistance Integration support to all types of receivers / navigation systems / platforms Mini ADA is a single-enclosure Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) anti-jam GNSS solution, designed and tested to function as an outdoor unit, to withstand environmental conditions typical to ground static and dynamic applications such as MBTs, IFVs/APCs, Radars, Launchers, UGVs, and C4ISR.

Rotem Alpha - VTOL Loitering Munition


🤍 Bringing next level ANTI-TANK dominance to the battlefield. Rotem Alpha is a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) tactical Loitering Munition (LM). Used by a variety of forces for a wide range of missions, the ROTEM Alpha is deployed for operations on land, coastlines, naval ships, and other scenarios. ROTEM Alpha VTOL LM is capable of tens of kilometers in range and has long mission endurance both in the air and parked in perch mode. ROTEM Alpha flies and hovers in a low-altitude profile to build battlefield situational awareness and executes the attack, despite adverse weather conditions. Carried in a backpack, or deployed from a vehicle, the ROTEM Alpha is ready for take-off in less than two minutes. As a VTOL platform, it can be launched and landed between trees, structures, and other harsh terrain. A single operator controls the ROTEM Alpha via a Ground Control System (GCS). The operator can command the ROTEM Alpha to perch on a building or hill until the enemy rears its head, then surprise ambush the enemy. ROTEM Alpha can hover over a certain area mid-air, scan for the target, and wait for operator’s command to attack. If no target is chosen or operator decides to abort, the ROTEM Alpha is recoverable. Equipped with a top grade sensor suite, ROTEM Alpha autonomously detects and locates enemy hostile fire sources like artillery, rockets, and missiles launchers, then investigates and engages a direct attack using its electro-optical day and night seeker. Upon proximity, command, or impact on target, it will ignite a lethal shaped charge and shrapnel warhead able to penetrate armored targets. This ROTEM ALPHA is a hunter-killer that leaves no room for the enemy to escape.

IAI ELTA and EMBRAER P600 AEW Airborne Early Warning


P600 AEW (Airborne Early Warning) is a next generation aircraft based on the advanced super midsize platform of the Embraer Praetor 600 business jet. The P600 AEW can provide an extended Air Situational Picture by monitoring aerial activity in areas outside ground radar coverage. It can perform various missions such as Air Defense, Early Warning, Command and Control, Fighter Fleet Efficiency, Territorial Defense, and Maritime Surveillance.The P600 AEW can be configured with the full range of AEW&C sensor and control systems: Digital AESA AEW Radar, civil and military IFF, ESM/ELINT with Radar Warning Receiver capability, Command & Control, comprehensive communication suite including Data Networks and Satellite Links, and a robust Self Protection Suite (SPS). The P600 AEW addresses the growing market of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities for countries that require cost-effective, high performance and flexible solutions for defense and homeland security missions. The Embraer Praetor 600 is the best performing super-midsize bizjet in its category, offering intercontinental range with an outstanding payload capability, high availability and reliability, short turn-around and low life cycle costs. Coupled with ELTA’s superior radar technology, the P600 AEW offers the benefits of cutting edge, proven systems and provides capabilities available until now only on much larger platforms. For further details please visit our website at 🤍 Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il

PM Netanyahu Visits Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) where Chairman of the Board Amir Peretz and President and CEO Boaz Levy briefed him on the company's activity. The Prime Minister also toured an exhibit of advanced defensive and offensive means and capabilities. Prime Minister Netanyahu: "I am here at IAI and am very impressed by the defensive and offensive means that we are developing here. We are determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Our vigorous opposition to returning to the original nuclear agreement contributed to the American decision not to do so. We have also made it clear to our American friends that more limited agreements are also unacceptable to us. In any case, just as I have clarified to them and to the world, I will reiterate here: We will do whatever we need to do in order to defend ourselves, with our own forces, against any threat." Also participating in the visit were National Security Council Director Tzachi Hanegbi, the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Tzachi Braverman and the Prime Minister's Military Secretary Maj.-Gen. Avi Gil. Video: Roi Avraham, GPO Sound: Ben Peretz, GPO

The trouble with truth and reality | Hilary Lawson | IAI


Hilary Lawson persuades us to embrace a radical alternative to reality. Discover more philosophy content at: 🤍 There are many varied voices who see the attack on objective truth as the root cause of all that is wrong in today’s society, including recently Tom Stoppard, UK Cabinet member Liz Truss, and Pope Benedict. But philosopher and renowned critic of philosophical realism Hilary Lawson warns this is a dangerous and mistaken response. Instead we need a radical new way of looking at the world. #KnowledgeAndTruthPhilosophy #PhilosophyOfReality #TruthAboutOurReality Hilary Lawson is a post-postmodern philosopher and is best known for his theory of 'Closure' which calls for a post-analytic return to metaphysics. To discover more talks, debates, interviews and academies with the world's leading speakers visit 🤍 The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

BARAK ER Interceptor Successful Trials


From IAI’s Production Line to Successful Trials: The BARAK ER 150 km range interceptor completes a series of successful trials; IAI has begun the customer delivery process. For more details, follow the link below: 🤍

IAI - 777 Conversion : https://www.iai.co.il/p/777-300ersf


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and AerCap have come together to reshape the Air Cargo world of long-haul, large capacity freighters. Introducing the all-new 777-300ERSF, The Big Twin.

IAI-ELTA Systems Ltd. - MARS 2 MMA Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (ELI-3150 )


AI ELTA's MARS2 is a turnkey Multi-mission Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) solution for air-to-ground requirements. The ISTAR functionalities, based on operationally proven in-house sensors and mission systems, are customized and conformed into high-performance business jets to fully accommodate customers’ precise requirements. Explore more here: 🤍 Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il

IAI ELTA Introduces Multi-Sensor ELM-2084 MMR Radar (MS-MMR)


The MMR (ELM-2084) is a mobile S-Band radar featuring an advanced 4D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) for Air Defense, Surveillance and Artillery Weapon Location (WLR) missions. The MMR is the radar sensor of the “Iron Dome”, “David’s Sling” and “Barak” systems operational and combat proven in Israel and also provides air defense capabilities to other countries around the world. The extended Multi-Sensor MMR (MSMMR) version integrates active and passive sensors thereby delivering higher quality Air Situation Picture (ASP). and weapons support under target saturated, background clutter and severe environmental conditions. The MS-MMR is a single-platform system using multiband sensing, multi spectral sensor suite including an additional higher band radar, IFF, SIGINT, EO/IR, and Launch Detection Sensors (LDS) - providing enhanced detection, classification, identification and tracking of all aerial threats. The system performs cross queuing between the passive and active sensors thereby improving overall performance. Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il Explore the MS-MMR here - 🤍 Visit us at 🤍

IAI-ELTA Systems Ltd. - OTH-B (ELM-2040) an innovative Backscatter Radar System


The OTH-B Early Warning Radar (ELM-2040) is a state-of-the-art backscatter radar system that performs early warning, tracking, and cueing of long-range ballistic, cruise, and hypersonic missiles, as well as Air Breathing Targets (ABT) and Sea Surface Targets - all at distances of thousands of kilometers. OTH-B employs digital AESA technology and sky wave over-the-horizon (OTH) techniques developed by ELTA over decades of experience in the design and development of air defense radars. Explore more here : 🤍 Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il

The Universe, Fixity and Flux | Sabine Hossenfelder, Paul Davies and Lee Smolin | IAI


Sabine Hossenfelder, Paul Davies and Lee Smolin explore the laws of the universe and whether they are currently in flux. Watch more content on the state of modern science at 🤍 00:00 Introduction 02:20 Paul Davies opening pitch 05:26 Sabine Hossenfelder opening pitch 08:05 Lee Smolin opening pitch 11:24 What is scientific law? 17:52 Are unchanging laws necessary? 28:50 If laws aren't fixed, what does this mean for understanding of science? From the outset of Western thought and Heraclitus' claim that 'everything changes', thinkers have argued about whether the world is fundamentally static or in flux. This is no mere philosophical debate. The extraordinary success of science has been founded on the notion that unchanging universal laws underlie everything and the fabric of nature remains constant. Yet now, based on the investigation of ancient quasar light and the X-ray properties of distant galaxies, leading scientists are challenging this central idea and proposing that the very laws of the universe might change. Are unchanging laws the only way to understand the universe or do we need a radically new framework to make sense of a universe in flux? And, if we were to accept changing universal laws, would we not require unchanging laws that explain those changes themselves? #SabineHossenfelder #PaulDavies #LeeSmolin Physics professor Lee Smolin, theoretical physicist and author Sabine Hossenfelder and cosmologist and author Paul Davies thrash out the big questions about the nature of the universe. Hosted by renowned science writer, Phillip Ball. To discover more talks, debates, interviews and academies with the world's leading speakers visit 🤍 The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

IAI-ELTA Systems Ltd. - ELM-2112 3D Radar System


IAI - ELTA Persistent Ground and Coastal Surveillance radar family consists of advanced high resolution radars. Featuring simultaneous multi-beam “holographic/staring” technology, the radars provide persistent surveillance and instantaneous target detection and tracking over a wide area. The radars are designed for simultaneous dual use operation on ground and sea surface surveillance, even in adverse weather conditions. The radars instantly and simultaneously detect, monitor and track all moving targets in the Region of Interest (ROI), such as walking persons, swimmers, moving vehicles, low flying targets, and various vessels and boats at sea. The radars cover detection ranges from 300m up to 22,000m for a moving person and a rubber boat and ranges of up to 44,000m for a moving vehicle or a sailboat, depending on the radar model. The radars are capable of automatically adapting their processing (ground moving or sea surface target detection) according to the relevant background map. Some variants also carry a 3D C-UAS detection and tracking capability, enabling the simultaneous detection of targets at sea, land and of low flying air targets. Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il

Can we understand the universe? | Sheldrake & Hossenfelder go head to head on dark matter IN FULL


Sabine Hossenfelder, Rupert Sheldrake and Bjorn Ekeberg go head to head on consciousness, panpsychism, physics and dark matter. To watch Sabine debate dark matter more, visit 🤍 To watch Rupert discuss consciousness, visit 🤍 Find more fiery content with a variety of speakers and topics at 🤍?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=the-strangeness-of-the-universe "Not only is the universe stranger than we think. It is stranger than we can think." So argued Niels Bohr, one of the founders of quantum theory. We imagine our theories uncover how things are but, from quantum particles to dark matter, at fundamental levels the closer we get to what we imagine to be reality the stranger and more incomprehensible it appears to become. Might science, and philosophy one day stretch to meet the universe's strangeness? Or is the universe not so strange after all? Or should we give up the idea that we can uncover the essential character of the world, and with Bohr conclude that the strangeness of the universe and the quantum world transcend the limits of the human mind? #DarkMatter #RupertSheldrake #SabineHossenfelder Influential scientist Rupert Sheldrake, prominent physicist Sabine Hossenfelder and esteemed philosopher Bjørn Ekeberg get to grips with whether the universe is stranger than we can imagine. Johnjoe McFadden hosts. The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! 🤍 TV URL] For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍



IAI expands the BARAK Air Defense Family: Unveils the Barak-MX, a modular air defense system with optimized shooting and threat management



Does beauty deceive physics? | Michio Kaku, Sabine Hossenfelder, Max Tegmark, Juan Maldacena


Come and see Micho Kaku and Sabine Hossenfelder LIVE next weekend at HowTheLightGetsIn London (23rd-24th September). They'll be debating topics from the Standard Model to gravity and time, at the world's largest philosophy and music festival. Get tickets here: 🤍 Sabine Hossenfelder, Michio Kaku, Juan Maldacena and Max Tegmark debate beauty, fantasy, faith, and physics. We think that we pursue the sciences solely for knowledge and truth. But is this a mistake? Untestable ideals like beauty have been baked into theories throughout the history of science. Paul Dirac, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, proclaimed "it is more important to have beauty in one's equations than to have them fit experiment." And recently, Roger Penrose described string theory as a 'fashion', quantum physics as a 'faith', and cosmic inflation a as 'fantasy', arguing that scientists suffer from the very same prejudices that affect the rest of us. Do we pursue science for a pure desire for the truth? Or should we accept that some beliefs, especially in the foundations of physics, are akin to religious beliefs dressed in mathematical language to give our theories meaning? Or would seeing science as simply another theology undermine the field and the progress made over the past few centuries? #michiokaku #sabinehossenfelder #physics 00:00 Introduction 03:06 Michio Kaku pitch 06:22 Sabine Hossenfelder pitch 08:32 Max Tegmark 11:07 Juan Maldacena 13:34 Is beauty more important than experimental data? 23:36 Are some assumptions in physics akin to religious tenets? 47:37 Will physics be undermined by untestable criteria? Sabine Hossenfelder is a theoretical physicist and science communicator who researches quantum gravity. She is the author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray. Michio Kaku has spent his career inspired by the search for a grand unifying theory of everything – carrying on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature. His latest book is Quantum Supremacy. Juan Maldacena is the Carl P. Feinberg Professor in the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study. Due to his field-defining contributions to the foundations of string theory and quantum gravity, Leonard Susskind has called him “the greatest theoretical physicist of his generation.” Max Tegmark is a pioneering physicist, cosmologist, computer scientist, philosopher, and public intellectual based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tegmark is the author of Our Mathematical Universe, which argues that reality is fundamentally a mathematical structure. Hosted by Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Professor of Religion and Science in Society at Wesleyan University. The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! 🤍 For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

Matogrosso e Mathias - E Aí (Part. Gusttavo Lima) - DVD 40 Anos


E AÍ – MATOGROSSO E MATHIAS (Matogrosso/ Mathias Rafael / Christhyan Ribeiro / André Melo) Em qualquer lugar que eu olho vejo o teu sorriso Me faz perder acalma a voz perder o juízo Que menino sonhador Em qualquer lugar que eu olho vejo a sua imagem Pego o celular e vejo as suas mensagens Que falava só de amor Onde foi que a gente errou? Onde se perdeu o amor? E aí, eu corro “pras” estrelas pra te encontrar Voando pelo espaço , em algum lugar Em tudo que eu olho vejo o teu sorriso E aí Sozinho em silêncio ouço a sua voz Perdido em pensamento eu só penso em nós Por que não larga tudo e vem viver comigo E aí Shows: 11 3221-5100 | 3221-5162 escritorio🤍matogrossoemathias.com.br 🤍 🤍 🤍

The historic procurement of the Arrow 3 defense system to Germany


The US government has approved the historic procurement of the Arrow 3 defense system to Germany! The Arrow 3 missile defense system is designed to intercept exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles. With its exceptional long-range interception capabilities, operating at high altitudes above the atmosphere, it stands as the top interceptor of its kind. The system employs a hit-to-kill approach for intercepting incoming threats. IAI, together with Israel’s Ministry of Defense, and the German Federal Ministry of Defense will sign the landmark $3.5 billion defense agreement, marking Israel’s largest ever defense deal. The negotiations leading to the defense agreement are headed by the Director and General Manager of the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in Israel’s Directorate of Defense Research & Development, Moshe Patel, together with IAI CEO, Boaz Levy, and Col. Carsten Koepper, head of Germany’s Arrow 3 Program. IAI’s Arrow 3 system is co-developed and co-produced by Israel’s Directorate of Defense Research & Development's Missile Defense Organization and the United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

IAI Lavi; The Little Lion That Didn’t Make It…Maybe


In 1980, Israel began a project that intended to build one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in existence - the IAI Lavi. Not only did they not possess the technology, they couldn't afford it. Even so, they did it! If you like this content please consider supporting me at Patreon: 🤍 Want another way to help support this channel? Maybe consider buying my book on my time fighting ISIS: 🤍 Interested in military affairs/history? 🤍

Red Air V2 IAI


Embedded Training - IAI 🤍 MLM division is specialized in developing embedded training systems as part of IAI's training solutions that are used worldwide by air, naval, and ground forces. MLM division has design and developed the following embedded training systems for airborne, maritime and ground purposes. EHUD AACMI: The Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation system is a unique real-time air combat training, debriefing and safety enhancement system for fighter aircraft pilots. EHUD enables live training at a sophisticated level - including the simulated armament firing, real-time hit and miss assessments, and exceptional debriefing capabilities. HTS: Helicopter training and safety system provide live helicopter training by offering high-value embedded pilot training with maximized safety features. The enhanced debriefing capabilities facilitate optimum utilization of flight hours and other valuable resources. HTS provides high fidelity simulation for helicopter weapons and tactical flight training in a hostile environment that includes live and virtual EW threats. HTS utilizes enhanced live helicopter training is with virtual EW threats and simulated armaments that enable real-time hit miss assessments of both live and virtual targets. LVC: An advanced live autonomous training system with unique capabilities of the EHUD AACMI (Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation Training System) family-based program derivatives, including a Helicopter Training and Safety System (HTS), a Naval Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (NCMI) System, and an Air Defense Training System (ADTS). ADTS: The next generation of air defense training system because it's a live, virtual & constructive solution. ADTS offers a complete training solution for air defense crews and pilots against live and embedded virtual targets. NCMI: NCMI is a networked on-board training system that offers complete training at sea using the warship's integral systems.

IAI UHF Radars


IAI Unveils the New ULTRA UHF Early Warning Long-Range Search & Track Radar Family

Finding transcendence in a secular world - IAI, How the Light Gets In, Hay on Way


2022 How the Light Gets In festival, at Hay on Way. Produced by iai - The Institute of Art and Ideas Philosophy for our times: cutting edge debates and talks from the world's leading thinkers 🤍 About Dr Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. At Cambridge University he worked in developmental biology as a Fellow of Clare College. He was Principal Plant Physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics and From 2005 to 2010 was Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, Cambridge. Rupert's latest book The Science Delusion: 2020 Edition 🤍

IAI-ELTA Systems Ltd. - BlueWhale System Autonomous Submarine System


BlueWhale (ELI-3325) is an autonomous submarine system designed for high-endurance and stealthy intelligence gathering, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), mine countermeasures (MCM), and other critical missions operating in open seas, hard-to-access littoral waters and choke points. BlueWhale can detect and track targets, both above and below surface, and perform onboard sensor data processing. Actionable intelligence is relayed in real-time to the command and control over a dedicated broadband-secured satellite channel. 🤍 Contact us at market🤍elta.co.il

IAI BARAK MX Naval - Integrated Air & Missile Defense System


🤍 Based on the Air & Missile Defense Division acclaimed and field proven BARAK family, the BARAK MX Naval is an advanced Air & Missile Defense System that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats from different sources and different ranges.

2019国際ロボット展 アイエイアイ ダイジェスト


小型産業用ロボットのリーディングカンパニーとして、幅広いお客様の生産性向上を追及しています。 数多くの営業拠点での充実したサポート体制により、自動化の進む自動車業界を中心に、電子部品・精密機器・家電・液晶・半導体業界をはじめ、食品・医薬品などさまざまな製造現場でご採用頂いてます。

Point Blank 2022


Point Blank Weapon System is a hand launched electro optical VTOL (Vertical Takeoff & Landing) missile, which brings new attack and maneuvering capabilities to the troops. IAI ELTA

IAI unveils "TERRA"


IAI unveils "TERRA" : a dual band radar System for very long range early warning, detection and tracking

IAI ELTA ELL-8256SB - Scorpius-N - Innovative AESA EW Naval System


Scorpius-N (ELL-8256SB) is a powerful state-of-the-art long-distance RF Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system for naval vessels. Scorpius-N effectively intercepts, analyzes, locates, tracks, and jams a wide variety of airborne, shipborne, and shore-based systems including fire control radars, search radars, AEW sensors, SAR, and missile seekers. Read more about the solution here: 🤍 Contact us at market🤍ELTA.co.il

Mini HARPY: Multi-Purpose Tactical Loitering Munition


Provides tactical forces with the ability to suppress the area of interest for long duration and to strike immediately emitting and non emitting Targets. The ability to seek and to attack any target from any direction at any angle, gives the Mini HARPY significant advantage in any environment. In addition, long-range communication, long endurance of loitering time and a deadly warhead enables it to deal with diverse of targets in the modern warfare. For more details, follow the link below: 🤍

Is string theory still worth exploring? | Roger Penrose and Eric Weinstein battle Brian Greene


Roger Penrose and Eric Weinstein go at loggerheads with Brian Greene over the relevance of string theory today. We previously saw Weinstein and Greene battle it out over the string theory community's toxic culture. Today we get to see physicist Roger Penrose join the the dissention, weighing in on whether the once revelotionary theoretical framework is a thing of the past. Watch the full debate at 🤍 String theory has been dominant in theoretical physics for thirty years, with more scientific papers arising from it than any other theory. But critics argue the theory has held undue influence and it is an error to pursue it. Is it time to move on from string theory, recognise that the search for supersymmetry has failed, and seek alternative accounts of the universe that are supported by observation and experiment? Or is the continued dominance of string theory justified by its potential to unify our understanding of the universe once and for all? #StringTheory #TheoryOfEverythingInTheUniverse #StringParticles Eric Weinstein is a mathematical physicist and the host of the podcast The Portal. He is the former Managing Director of Thiel Capital in San Francisco and was formerly a Co-Founder and Principal of the Natron Group in Manhattan as well as a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University in the Mathematical Institute. Sir Roger Penrose is a world-renowned physicist, best known for his work on general relativity and sharing the Wolf Prize for Physics with Stephen Hawking for their work on black holes. His books include The Road to Reality and The Emperor’s New Mind. Brian Greene is renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries in superstring theory and best-selling books. He has been chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! 🤍 For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

On the quest for the theory of everything | Sabine Hossenfelder, Eric Weinstein, Brian Greene...


Sabine Hossenfelder, Eric Weinstein, Brian Greene and Michael Shermer discuss whether it is possible to find a theory that explains it all. 00:00 Introduction 03:00 Brian Greene 06:20 Sabine Hossenfelder 08:40 Eric Weinstein 09:00 Michael Shermer 12:05 Would such a theory answer all our fundamental questions about the universe? 26:16 Why are we fixated on searching for a theory of everything? 36:00 Where will this theory come from? Explore more content here: 🤍 Philosophy has often been seen as a hunt for a theory of everything, a single grand narrative that explains it all. In recent times science has had its own supporters for a theory of everything. Yet no theory of everything in philosophy or science has been forthcoming. And is it even possible? It would after all, have to include itself. Can we conceive of a universe that also includes its causes and laws? Can a universe have no before and after, no 'outside'? And isn't a theory of everything itself bounded by its particular culture, language and mode of thinking? Should we abandon the dream of a theory of everything and see it as an illusion born of hubris? Is the mistake not with the idea of a full explanation, but with the idea of 'everything', or as the Greeks would have said 'the One'? Or is it just possible that as Stephen Hawking once believed a theory of everything is just round the corner? World-leading string theorist Brian Greene, famed historian of science Michael Shermer, ground breaking particle physicist Sabine Hossenfelder and radical mathematical physicist and podcast host Eric Weinstein lock horns over whether it's possible to find a theory of everything. Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Catherine Heymans, hosts. #OnTheQuestForTheTheoryOfEverything #QuantumPhysicsDebate #StringTheoryCulture Sabine Hossenfelder is a research fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray and regular contributor to Forbes. She is known for her popular YouTube channel Science Without The Gobbledygook. Eric Weinstein is an American podcast host, managing director of Thiel Capital, doctor of mathematical physics and member of the "intellectual dark web". Brian Greene is renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries in superstring theory and best-selling books. He has been chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. Michael Shermer is a famous science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and editor-in-chief of its magazine 'Skeptic' To discover more talks, debates, interviews and academies with the world's leading speakers visit 🤍 The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! For debates and talks: 🤍 For articles: 🤍 For courses: 🤍

Sosialisasi IAI-PPPK IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standard


Selamat Siang Bapak/Ibu untuk link presensi dapat diakses melalui link: 🤍 dan untuk mendownload materi, dapat melalui link: 🤍

IAI at MADEX 2023: Naval Loitering Munitions and Advanced Sensors


At MADEX 2023, the international maritime defense exhibition held in Busan, South Korea, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) was showcasing its range of loitering munitions and advanced sensors and electronic warfare (EW) systems for naval applications. = 00:20 - Mini-Harpy Multi-Purpose Tactical Loitering Munition 01:30 - Naval Harop Loitering Munition System 02:54 - Integration of active and passive sensors by IAI Elta 03:47 - MF-STAR Multi-Function Digital AESA Radar 04:14 - SCORPUIS-N Naval EW systems with multibeam AESA 04:50 - ELL-8385 integrated Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) System 05:50 - BlueWhale System ELI-3325 XLUUV IAI’s maritime operations concentrate on Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA), Offensive and Defensive Weapon Systems, and Autonomous Technologies. MSA, fundamental for maritime sovereignty and naval operations, is integral to IAI’s Naval Combat Suites solutions. IAI’s prowess is evident in the Israel Navy Sa’ar 6 Corvette, where the company was selected to integrate its radars, offensive and defensive weapons, and other capabilities to meet diverse naval requirements while minimizing development risks and maintaining affordability. IAI’s loitering missiles prove highly effective weapons for selective actionable response by providing the ability to collect intel and assess the situation at the target, select an impact point, and even abort an attack if the conditions demand such action. IAI offers several loitering weapons, from the larger EO-guided HAROP to the smaller Mini Harpy, utilizing a unique, multi-spectral sensor (EO/RF) to detect and locate targets at sea passively. = For new videos every week, subscribe here! 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Check out our daily naval defense news coverage at: 🤍 NAVAL NEWS is fully focused on naval topics. We cover the latest naval defense shows & events. We also report on naval technology from all over the world. Navalnews.com is updated daily with in-depth features, industry, and naval forces news round-ups, event coverage, video reports and more. Our top of the line site is responsive across all mobile and desktop devices.

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