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JOHN DEERE 8500i by Wiking 1/32 | Farm model review #14


Wiking's latest forage harvester comes in the form of this John Deere 8500i 585hp machine in 1/32 scale. Inside the box you find the model itself, with one 3.0m pick up and a 10 drum rotary header. Certainly one of Wiking's most functional models with complete access to the engine compartment via 4 panels. The maize header comes this transport frame with clips in underneath the intake. Both cab doors open with a set of folding mirrors, which on this particular model were somewhat loose. Wiking offer this model at a price of 179.99 euros, their most expensive forage harvest yet after the Fendt Katana 85 Follow the AgriFarmModels instagram channel for more on this mega harvester. #johndeere #8500i #wiking



Unboxing the new 2022 John Deere 8R 410 by WIKING in 1/32 scale. Released mid January 2022, these John Deere 8R 410 arrived to the market in 2 variants which are identical aside from the packaging. John Deere dealer box and Wiking standard box. Both models I added to the scale model collection arrived in the dealer boxes at a cost of €85 and these will provide enough HP for all ploughing and sowing duties around the diorama. Wiking have made some changes to their packaging, the model is now placed inside what looks like an egg carton, replacing the moulded styrofoam case which can be assumed an environmental decision over cost cutting. One of the first things I noticed was the absence of a front weight which is a necessary item if attaching a large rear implement, this is definitely cost cutting not forgetting this model comes at a price of €85, it's not cheap. On the real tractor the hazard boards fold backwards, a feature Wiking included on their latest Claas Arion 660 & 650 models, however on this 8R these are fixed in place. Generally very well finished with a more weighty feel by comparison to other tractors from the German brand. Underneath the opening bonnet the detail is minimal and certainly not Wiking's best recreation of an engine especially when you look back at previous models they have released. An area that should have evolved over the years and not regressed considering prices have only gone upwards. Painted lights all round with the exception of the headlights, another item that is long overdue an upgrade given competitors have been doing it for years. The massive wheels are removable using the T-shaped tool provided, rear wheel weights and front hubs are magnetic and easy to fit, this is one of the best features introduced in recent years and one that I hope will continue. Inside the cab there is an opening storage box, a very nice feature to have and something which is new to the Wiking bag of tricks along with a command pro joystick and detailed screen. While not a perfect model, it is sure to be a very popular choice amongst John Deere fans and scale collectors and no doubt one that will fly off the shelves due to the huge following John Deere hold worldwide. Even with some of the cons I have mentioned are there also many pros. Rarely do I would add two identical models to the collection but in this instance I sourced a second piece and both will become the high horsepower work horses of the new diorama. "Sophisticated precision models with their well known richness in detail" is what WIKING said in their most recent press release. 2022 is going to be an interesting year for WIKING to see what direction they take going forward. Generally this is a nice model however closer inspection highlights many areas where that richness of detail is lacking. Functionality is their biggest advantage over the competition and should we see this decline in future releases it will be a sad day for the brand with the danger of simply becoming a Siku Pro line model. If you find these videos I make useful and would like to support what I do, why not buy me a coffee with the link below. 🤍 #wiking #johndeere #agrifarmmodels Subscribe to 🤍Agri Farm Models TV on youtube or Instagram 🤍 🤍

Model Review 1/32 Wiking John Deere 7430 With Front Loader!


hope you enjoy the video please like comment and subscribe in todays video stephen reviews a model that has been added to his collection a while ago and by popular demand decides to do a model review on this 1/32 Wiking John deere 7430 that was bought off facebook these models are quite hard to find now, hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions leave them below social media Instagram Facebook tiktok 🤍modelfarmer6710 email- modelfarmer8🤍 #modelreview #unboxing #wiking this channel is a family friendly channel

JOHN DEERE 6210r by WIKING in 1/32 | Farm model review #42


John Deere 6210r by Wiking 1/32 !! Farm model fans love anything John Deere and here is one of a number of 6 series John Deeres by the German modellers, in production since 2012, and since replaced by the new 6250r. Even though it has left production, a number of these can be found online and through model forums. Packaged in the now very well known Wiking boxing with images on most sides, the model is secured inside along with a separate front weight. On the inner lid of the box, there are images which detail the various functions of the piece and this is a consistent feature on all the Wiking range. The tractor itself is very well finished in John Deere green, decals are crisp and easy to read throughout, looking as up to date as the recently released John Deere 7310r. Front linkage is fully functional and includes a PTO which will accommodate almost all front mounted accessories. Underneath the bonnet there is access to what is in the real world, a 6.8ltr 6 cylinder engine that produces 210hp. some component seen here with the cooling rads and main engine block identifiable. Bonnet itself is well hinged, maintaining its upright position with ease. The cab is accessed from either side and is rich in detail, rear window also opens so there is a very clear view inside from all angles. Mirrors fold outwards and finished off with reflective inserts which is a must to stay true to lifelike detail. Like the front, the rear lift arms are metal made with a weaker plastic top link which are known to wear with constant use. Hitch is standard Wiking again. Overall this model is well presented, all the features we have come to expect and more. Certainly having seen this edition I will be making the 6250r next of the list of must have models !! #johndeere #6210r #agrifarmmodels

JOHN DEERE 7310r by Wiking 1:32 | Farm model review #12


John Deere 7310r by Wiking Please Like & Subscribe Unboxing Wiking's latest 1/32 tractor release, the John Deere 7310r. Well packaged inside standard Wiking boxing, containing the tractor model, 2 wheel weights, front weight and wheel removal tool. Each wheel separates from the model by removing small screws which are located behind the rear wheel weights and the front wheel hubs. Nice new detail on this model is that the observers seat raises and lowers. Modest metal construction with plenty of function throughout. This model will feature next on the AgrifarmModels Instagram page, check it out for more information about this tractor. music credit 🤍 #Johndeere #7310r #wiking

JOHN DEERE 7310R with removable Dual rear wheels by WIKING | Farm model review #57


The all new John Deere 7310R with Dual wheels by WIking. SHOP 🤍 Following on from the 2018 1st edition 7310R tractors video , it made sense to look at the latest 7 series John Deere by WIking. This tractor arrives in a larger box, making space for those huge rear wheels, front weight, and wheel removal tool. As a big fan of the last John Deere 7310r I was certainly keen to find one of these not only for myself, but to show all of you also. This 2019 tractor comes with all the same functionality as seen previously in the older model except for one difference. The previous edition had a full set of removable wheels, whereas this dual wheel version only allows us to remove the rear set. Behind the outside set there is a spacer which provides the correct gap between both rims, and with the outside set removed I found it best to flip this spacer around and cap it off with the magnetic hub centre. Otherwise this John Deere is exceptionally well finished. Inside the cab the drivers seat rotates 80 degrees with the passenger seat folding upwards. As per Wiking standard, the front and rear linkage are fully adjustable with the bonnet raising up to show us a glimpse of the 310 Hp engine. If you are a John Deere fan this is certainly a must have, Wiking have historically produced the best 1/32 John Deere replicas to date and with the soon to be released 9RX just around the corner, there is not doubt that this standard will continue. Highly recommended #johndeere #7310R #AgriFarmModels

Converting Wiking John Deere 7430 To 6930 (Tutorial)


hope you enjoy the video please like comment and subscribe thanks for watching in todays video daniel converts a orange John deere 7430 to a green john deere 6930 ! hope you enjoyed this tutorial social media Instagram Facebook tiktok 🤍modelfarmer6710 email modelfarmer8🤍 #johndeere6930 #johndeere this channel is a family friendly channel

1/32 Scale JOHN DEERE 990 Round baler by WIKING | Farm model review #53


John Deere 990 round baler by Wiking was released back in 2012, as expected, in 1/32 scale. SHOP 🤍 One of the smaller WIking models this John deere 990 baler is very well finished and full of functionality. The height adjustable drawbar comes fitted with hydraulics and PTO as well as the working machine stand. Pick up features rotating crop roller, pick up tines and what i was unable to capture for the video, is a full set of chopper knives behind. Underneath metal side doors you find the working mechanisms of this baler including chains, tensioners, lubrication tank and more. One the round bale is ready to exit, the rear lifts with the bale dropping out onto a spring loaded catch to reduce impact with the ground. Very well finished, all the functionality you expect and well worth its purchase price of €59.95 #johndeere #baler #AgriFarmModels

WIKING's new John Deere 9RX - WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY !! Farm model review #67


This 2nd video looks more closely at multiple issues with my Agritechnica edition John Deere 9RX by Wiking. Those of you who follow this Channel either on YouTube or Instagram will know I am a big fan of Wiking models for their consistent excellent finish, more so their functionality and lastly their wide range of models available. Of the 6 models I purchased at the show, 4 were Wiking ( 1 Claas 960 Axion tt, 2 Torions and this 9rx tracked tractor ). Of those 6, the one model I wanted the most was the 9RX having previously seen and been disappointed by the Ertl 9rx, it was welcome news to hear that Wiking got the license from John Deere. For me the benchmark for this model was always going to be the CaseIH Quadtrac by Universal hobbies released in various liveries a number of years ago. Both come in at the same price range, above €100 per unit and for that price it is fair to expect a quality model. Quadtrac Vs 9rx The 1.3Kg Quadtrac remains the heavyweight here with the 9RX coming in just shy of 0.8Kg. This is due to the many plastic parts that were used to create this John Deere by comparison. One very noticeable difference is the detail between the articulation on both models... the Quadtrac is way ahead with the 9RX only offering 2 hydraulic cylinders. While the 9RX would win when it comes to function, what it should do, it doesn't do well. Opening the bonnet even small amounts presses on the windscreen, pushing it and the cab rearwards. 9RX vs Challenger 875MT Both of these tractors come equipped with a quick attach frame. The Challenger linkage is strong & sturdy while its Wiking equivalent even though it works, is loose and floppy in all directions. Right side platform incorporating the exhaust system is loose, fixed from what seems like 1 point, something which I will strengthen myself in the future. Cab access steps like much of the rest of this model are plastic and unfixed from the left side and like the opposite side, loose. Out of the box 2 inside ground rollers were separated, I didn't see this as a big deal at the time as they were easily reinserted completing the inner and outer pair. While manually rotating an elevated track, the front inner idle wheel popped off and was difficult to fix. By comparison to other tracked tractors, this 9RX will not track forwards or backwards like all the rest perform this function with ease ( Quadtrac, Challengers, and even the Claas 960 Axion TT ). I appreciated these collectibles are not intended as toys though for the purpose of these videos I expected all items to work as advertised. After that, they are displayed on a shelf. This video is not intended as a bash on Wiking, I have for a long time and will continue to collect their models into the future, more to highlight apparent issues in quality control and what it is we as collectors expect when we spend over €100 on a single piece. As each year passes, along with increased competition, models and the techniques used to make them should be evolving year on year. The 9RX series of John Deere has had much attention worldwide since its release. In turn, producing an accurate within reason 1/32 replica was always going to be a win win for any model brand regardless of margins made. I would hope that Wiking improve future generations of 9RX and that this first edition proves to be a blip in the race to have models available for Agritechnica 2019. Their 960 Axion tt as seen on previous videos is excellent, no reason why this shouldn't have been too. #johndeere #9rx #wiking

JOHN DEERE 7430 with 753 front loader "ORANGE" edition by WIking 1/32 | Review #51


John Deere 7430 tractor, orange edition with front loader and accessories. 1/32 scale. Still available today having been first released in late 2014, this is one very unique John Deere 7 series tractor by Wiking. Gone is the readily identifiable John Deere green replaced by this bright orange paint scheme. This 175hp tractor has all the functionality typical of any produced under the Wiking name, accessible cab via opening left and right doors along with the rear window. No front linkage on this model with a weight included to act as a rear ballast for the front loader when in use. With the loader raised you have access to the engine with the bonnet lifting to expose the block underneath. Wiking have included 4 attachments with this model, something that would be optional for other front loader model tractors. With these attachments it can perform a number of duties from lifting bags and poles as well was scooping loose aggregates. Well packaged and certainly recommended for any collector or John Deere fans. #johndeere #orangetractor #agrifarmmodels

JOHN DEERE 6250R by WIKING - One hundred years of John Deere anniversary model | UNBOXED


JOHN DEERE 6250R by WIKING - One hundred years of John Deere anniversary model | UNBOXED To celebrate 100 years of John Deere tractors, Wiking released this limited edition 6250R in 2018 with a total run of 1000 pieces. Differences from the general release model include a 100 years of John Deere tractors since 1918 and a badge either side of the bonnet. Other than that both models are identical with all the usual Wiking features except the removable wheels we see on the 7310R and the newer 8R 410. 6 series John Deeres are a huge hit with collectors and this will no doubt be a model that will appreciate in value in years to come. If you find these videos useful and would like to support the channel, why not buy a coffee using the link below. 🤍 Subscribe to 🤍Agri Farm Models TV on youtube or Instagram 🤍 🤍 #johndeere #6250r #agrifarmmodelstv

1/32 JOHN DEERE 6125R with H340 loader by WIKING | Review #54


John Deere 6125R with H340 loader by Wiking in 1/32 scale. SHOP 🤍 This is the feature you guys voted for, coming out with 54% of the votes in favour of this 6125R John Deere. Looking at the stats across the Agri Farm Models youtube channel, its easy to see just how much of a following there is for anything John Deere and I m sure you all will not be disappointed with this one you see here. Having previously featured the John Deere 7310R and 6250R, its a great time to look at one of the smaller tractors that carry the R stamp in this 6125R. It may not have the size or real life horse power of the 7310R, but i am sure you will agree WIking have packed so much into this 1/32 scale model tractor. In the real world, the 6125R is fitted with a 4.5l, 4 cylinder turbocharged 125hp engine, Wiking have given us access to that engine with the opening bonnet. This model is very well spec'd with foldaway front lift arms, PTO with a metal nose guard fixed above. John Deere have 2 front end loader options, the H310 & H340 with the latter fitted and loading bucket included. Fully accessible cab with both doors opening allowing access to a very detailed interior. Rear window also opens outwards and extra operator visibility is provided by way of a cab roof mounted window. Loader is detailed with functioning hydraulic rams & lines attached, finished off with the visual attachment level bar. For counter balance there is a weight block which may be fitted front or rear depending on the days application. Beacons and lights are detailed using a mixture or clear & coloured plastics along painted spot lights. With bigger horse power tractors becoming very popular with many collectors, this 6125r reminds us just how good some of the smaller scale tractors are. Recommended !! #johndeere #6125R #agrifarmmodels

JOHN DEERE 6250R by WIKING (1/32 scale) | Farm model review #61


Unboxing the new John Deere 6250R by Wiking. 1/32 scale. Shop here 🤍 Having previously seen the 6210R and the newer 7310R tractors, featuring this 6250R was an absolute must for the channel. So what did we get, well, some of the same and some better ! If you like these videos and want to see many more like it, please subscribe !! 🤍 Find us on instagram 🤍 #johndeere #6250R #agrifarmmodels

BERGMANN TSW 6240s by WIKING 1/32 | Farm model review #1


The new Bergmann TSW 6240s manure spreader by Wiking. One of the latest editions by Wiking, a mostly die cast constructed body. plenty of function throughout as we have come to expect from WIking. Great new hydraulic detail and a well finished piece. Music credit 🤍

Review and unboxing Wiking John Deere 6210r 1:32


in this video ill be showing/ unboxing a 1:32 scale wiking John Deere 6210r 🤍



My farm model collection, UPDATE 01/05/2019 It has been a while since I uploaded a farm model collection video so I thought now is as good a time as any. Over the past 6-8 months I have been busy trying to make as many farm model videos as I could find the time for, to show you all the latest releases and past models that have been requested in the comment sections, so I hope you are all enjoying the content !! In recent months there have been many exciting releases from brands we all know well, such as, MarGe models, Wiking, ROS & Universal Hobbies to name a few and some of these releases were top of the shopping list here at Agri Farm Models. Late December ROS came out with a pair of IDEAL combines wearing FENDT and Massey Ferguson logos along with a very nice Amazone seed drill for the bigger horse power scale model tractor range. Following on from those, ROS and Alpego also released the DMAX 800 power harrow which is an incredible piece. In Germany, WIking have also been expanding their catalog of 1:32 farm models, I got to add the new John Deere 7310r along with the very impressive 8500i forage harvester ! Both are exceptional pieces. Of these Wiking new releases, the one I was most looking forward to getting was the Fendt 1050 dual wheel edition and I was not disappointed ! Lastly on the Wiking side of things, I was able to pick up their Claas Arion 650 with front loader and for a small model tractor it certainly delivered with its many features ! In Holland MarGe have been very very busy.. new release after new release in not only farming based models, but also a new line of 1/32 trucks, trailers, and vans to choose from. A lot of these were must have models for me. Starting off with the much anticipated pair of Vredo slurry tanks coupled with the new Veenhuis injectors, additional Case IH and New holland tractors plus a MarGe Model 10th year anniversary STEYR 6300 cvt ! An important model in the history of the MarGe model brand. The newest line seen on Agri Farm Models has been with very impressive Nooteboom Sprinter Van.. pairing that with the previously released Nooteboom Volvo FH16 750 and the both look super together. I hope you enjoy the update, if there are any models you would like to see in the future, please comment below. As always don't forget to like, subscribe and hit that alert bell !! #farm #model #collection

Valtra N143 HT3 by WIking 1 32 | Farm model review #87


First time featuring at 🤍Valtra scale tractor on 🤍Agri Farm Models . This one is the N143 HT3 by Wiking and a tractor that offers plenty of detail and functionality. These come in various colours including black, white, red and blue which are now almost the basic colours offered in real life. By todays standards this 150hp machine has become almost entry level. That being said, this has not stopped Wiking adding many details throughout. Standard Wiking packaging which includes just the tractor. To find this and many more farm models like it click the link below 🤍 To support the channel, please subscribe and hit that alert bell for the latest videos. 🤍 Find us on Instagram 🤍 #valtra #agco #tractor

CLAAS LINER 2900 "Limited edition" by WIKING | Farm model review #48


1 of a 3000 piece limited edition run, this CLAAS LINER 2900 first went on sale through the online store. There have been a number of variants over the past number of years, from the mighty Liner 3000 4 rotor swather by Universal Hobbies, this twin rotor Liner 2900 & 2600 by Wiking, along with a single rotor Liner 450. With forage fleets very popular in the scale model scene and farming fans alike and having a big rake is near the top of "must have" shopping lists. Limited edition boxing with actual machine photo on top. Included inside you have the Liner 2900 and a separately packaged PTO which clips easily into place. The model itself is very well finished, chassis is cast metal as arm the rotary arms. PTO driver machine trailed by rear linkage. The Liner 2900 is a perfect size for most farm themed diorama displays. Just like the original, which has a working width between 8-9 meters, the two rotary units fold together from large hydraulic cylinders and are locked in place with a clever clip. Both rotors retract to reduce overall machine height for road transport. Wiking have equipped the rotary swather with numerous moving functions. The Claas Liner 2900 swather has a folding drawbar stand. Both rear wheels are steered as the tractor is steered, the action is passed to the large wheels fitted to the main chassis via the hitching, transfer lever and steering linkage. The rotary units themselves have their own wheel running gear units, on this model there are 6 which follow the ground ensuring correct height at all times. 14 tine arms to each rotor and both sides rotate freely without interruption. Decals and paint are crisp especially where painted on metal parts. Hazard boards to the rear also include rear lighting detail as per the original spec. Perfect display piece when coupled with either an Arion or Axion series tractor, for this, Wiking brand versions are most compatible. Overall, this is a very detailed, very well finished model. A functional model made even more impressive by its rear steering feature. For this, I tip my hat to Wiking ! Highly recommended ! #claas #liner #agrifarmmodels



Wiking make very good models

John Deere 7310R | Wiking 1:32 -


Prezentacja modelu ciągnika John Deere 7310R - model kolekcjonerski od Wiking w skali 1:32 wykonany z metalu z elementami z tworzywa sztucznego. Wierna kopia oryginału. Bardzo szczegółowo odwzorowany. Link: 🤍 🤍

FENDT 1050 Vario (with removable Dual wheels) by WIKING | Farm model review #13


Wiking's Fendt 1050 Vario with removable dual wheels in 1/32. What more does a farm need ... Released at Agritechnica 2017 and one of the largest 1/32 tractor models. Another edition of the hugely successful 1000 series Fendt. Unlimited run following on from a 1000 piece limited set. Plenty of function throughout the model with working linkage, bonnet and cab door and windows. Folding set of beacons on top of the cab. One of the more eye catching features of this piece is the removable wheel, longer than standard Wiking wheel removal tool with hub cabs included. Comes at a cost of 95 euros with the limited model up towards 110 euro. Available from the Fendt online store Music credit 🤍 #fendt #1050 #wiking

Der große Traktor 🎥Unboxing Wiking John Deere 7430 Premium mit Frontlader im Maßstab 1:32 #4


Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu diesem Unboxing. In diesem Format werde ich Spielzeug/ Sammlermodelle der Firma Siku, etc. unboxen. Es kann auch sein, dass ich andere Spielzeuge/ Sammlermodelle vorstellen werde (z.B. Schuco, Universal Hobbies, Wiking, etc.). In diesem Video geht es um den Wiking John Deere 7430 Premium mit John Deere 753 Frontlader, den ich euch heute vorstelle. ­­-­-­ Link zum Modell (Herstellerwebsite): Dieses Modell ist leider im neuen Sortiment nicht mehr verfügbar, hier ist jedoch ein Link zu für ein Online-Shop Kauf: 🤍 ­­-­-­ Hersteller: Wiking Modellnummer: 077309 Maßstab: 1:32 ­­-­-­ Verpackung: in meinem Fall in Ordnung (keine Beschädigung am Modell), leichte Beschädigung des Kartons Verarbeitung: absolut perfekt Preis : Gut (UVP 59,95€) Farbe & Lackierung: absolut perfekt Modell & Detailgenauigkeit: absolut mega perfekt :-) ­­-­-­ NATÜRLICH WÜRDE ICH MICH ÜBER LIKE UND ABOS FREUEN, DENN BEIDE SIND KOSTENLOS.

Traktor John Deere 8R 410 | Wiking 1:32


Metalowy model ciągnika John Deere 8R 410 Kolekcjonerski model traktora John Deere 8R 410 w skali 1:32 firmy Wiking został szczegółowo odwzorowany dzięki wykorzystaniu metalowych części oraz elementów z tworzywa sztucznego. Efektowny model ciężkiego ciągnika rolniczego zachwyci każdego kolekcjonera, a także sprawdzi się jako zabawka dla starszego dziecka. Model kupisz w naszym sklepie: 🤍

Wiking john Deere 6210r review


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CLAAS XERION 5000 with REVERSE DRIVE by WIKING 1/32 | Farm model review #52


Class XERION 5000 with REVERSE DRIVE by Wiking 1/32 One of the first models in the Agri Farm Model collection is this WIking Claas Xerion 5000 in 1/32 scale. This 520 horse power, 4 wheel drive tractor is full of functionality and possibly the best finished Xerion model with all this considered. Many of the usual Wiking features including opening bonnet, cab access with functioning front and rear linkage. Ballast is sold separately but a must have. Metal weights are easily loaded & well paint, perhaps should have been included with the tractor similar to other brands. There are many steering option with this tractor including standard and all wheel steering along with a very clever crab steer to avoid ground compaction. The star of the show is the reverse drive feature, cab lifts and rotates through 180 degrees, resting on mounting points behind. This function allows to the tractor to perform many different tasks and applications. #claas #xerion #agrifarmmodels

Video about WIKING


A host of hitherto unseen living images, interviews and insights! Made possible by this video about WIKING. Extending over more than six minute, the video offers an authentic look into the great world of small models. You would like to learn more about wiking, then take a look at our website: 🤍

Wiking FLIEGL ASW GIGANT 391 trailer | Farm model review #36


Please like and subscribe if you enjoy this type of farming video content !! 🤍 also, find us on instagram 🤍 WIKING have created 3 variants of Fliegl’s mighty “giant” ASW 391 push-off trailer in 1/32 with various tailboard attachments. There has been a dumper, spreader and also this edition with overhead loading screw. Sold for a price of €74.95 which is great value for a model of this standard. Each retain much of the functionality as per the original design. That is particularly true in the case of this overhead loading screw adding to the movable front wall that can be hydraulically pushed backwards towards the rear of the trailer in order to push off the load being carried. The actual trailer boasts some impressive stats, gross permitted weight of 29 tons and a net weight of 7.8 tons. The body of the trailer is 9.1 metres long and can transport 45 cubic metres of unpressed grass silage and as much as 72 cubic metres of pressed grass silage. Other notable features include front and rear steering axles, air breaking with lines attached along with a very smooth hydraulic folding mechanism for the loading screw. A trailer of this scale looks super impressive with many of the available 1/32 tractors, picking a combo favourite would be to pair it with the Fendt 939 black beauty, however, if it is a John Deere 7310r, Claas xerion, or other brand you are a fan of, you won't be disappointed !! #wiking #fliegl #AgriFarmModels

Traktor John Deere 6125R z ładowaczem | Wiking 1:32


Metalowy model ciągnika John Deere 6125R z ładowaczem Kolekcjonerski model traktora John Deere 6125R z ładowaczem w skali 1:32 firmy Wiking został szczegółowo odwzorowany dzięki wykorzystaniu metalowych części oraz elementów z tworzywa sztucznego. Efektowny model ciężkiego ciągnika rolniczego zachwyci każdego kolekcjonera, a także sprawdzi się jako zabawka dla starszego dziecka. Model kupisz w naszym sklepie: 🤍

Wiking / neuer MAN, Zubringer & Krampe Auflieger / Top Qualität / Vergleich mit MarGe Models


Musik von ALLESGEMAFREI: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Lied: - Lounge 001

JOHN DEERE 9620RX - 1 of 500 "Agritechnica" limited edition | Farm model review #66


John Deere 9RX in 1/32 scale by Wiking. 1 of a 500 piece "Agritechnica" limited edition run made by Wiking and sold exclusively at the John Deere Stand at a price of €110.00. Based on the largest of the 9RX range, the 9620rx in the real world is powered by a 15.0 ltr Stage IV 6 cylinder Cummins engine, producing a whopping 620 Hp. John Deere and Wiking's first 4 tracked tractor, and a model that has been eagerly awaited since prototype photos began to circulate online. A long time released Case IH Quadtrac by Universal Hobbies is the benchmark to beat here having previously seen, and not been impressed by the Ertl 9rx. Licensing finally made its way to the Wiking office, a company who have established themselves with a proven track record of producing well finished and functional 1/32 replicas. But is all as it seems ? 9RX part 2 coming soon.. For more like this please consider subscribing to the channel either from the video or link below, give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment below !! 🤍 #johndeere #9rx #agrifarmmodels

John Deere 6210R Wiking Model


This John Deere 6210R model features opening doors, folding mirrors lifting engine bonnet and removable weight pack. Constructed by hand in diecast metal, with finely moulded plastic details, this is a fantastic replica of the 6210R. Available from 🤍 Please visit our web page 🤍 for our range of model tractors, collectibles and farm toys.

Over 30 New Model Announced By Universal Hobbies, Wiking, Weise Schuco! What’s My Favourite?


Hope you enjoy this video please like comment and subscribe thanks for watching In todays video Stephen takes you through and introduces to you the new models that are being released in 2023 by well known brand Universal Hobbies , Weise , wiking , schuco hope you enjoy Massey Ferguson case deutz Fahr new Holland John Deere jcb All information was gathered from 32 model news on Facebook and the Nuremberg toy fair Follow us on Facebook TikTok Instagram 🤍modelfarmer6710 This channel is a family friendly channel

Wiking 1:32 John Deere 6210r


-Wikings scale 1:32 John Deere 6210r Tractor. -Excellent quality. -Highly detailed model! -Recommend age: 14+ -Please note: Driver, Back hitch, and window decals do NOT come with the original model. These were preferences that i made myself to the model! -Like, comment and subscribe -More videos like this to come soon!

NEW* FENDT 942 Vario Gen 6 | WIKING ARE BACK !! | Farm review #88


Unboxing the NEW Fendt 942 Vario by Wiking, 1/32 scale tractor. Will it be good enough and convince me to add one like it to the collection ? in short, YES. With 415 Hp under the bonnet, this is new S5 900 series is the biggest available before the monster Fendt 1050. The model is classic Wiking, functionality in bucket loads and very well finished. Like many new conventional tractors from the german brand, the wheels are removable with the screws covered up with wheel rim weights at the back. The interior is identical to that of the Fendt 1050 with a colour change and that easily missed folding observers seat. This example not reinventing the wheel for Wiking but a return to the pre 9RX standard doing what it was they done best. Other brands are pushing the boundaries and with that models are getting better and better. Lets hope this 942 is an indication that Wiking are returning to making better, more detailed models for collectors. To support the channel and to see more videos like this please subscribe 🤍 Find us on instagram 🤍 To shop 🤍 #fendt #942 #Vario

FENDT KATANA 85 by WIKING in 1/32 | Farm model review #5


The Fendt Katana 85 by Wiking in 1/32 scale The model of the powerful 850 hp self-propelled machine provides much functionality. The visible pre-contacting rollers for taking up the chaff on the Katana 85 are capable of full rotation. As in harvest implementation, when the corn header with ten rollers is positioned, the angular, elevated sides can be brought down to full working width and arranged so that they are ready for operation – everything is completely movable. The same applies for the chaff discharge chute that can be pivoted 210 degrees. For the Fendt Katana 85 from WIKING an appropriate pick-up is provided that can be attached to the forage harvester in precisely the same manner as for the front silage unit. The elements of the front unit are fully movable. The rear engine area is also accessible. The rear hood, as well as the side parts, can be lifted. Fully transparent cab with finely detailed interior The entry steps can be moved out and the transparent entry door can be opened. The side mirrors on the roof of the cab are also movable. A look at the cab interior reveals the many premises that the developers have taken into consideration in the completely redesigned Visio5 cab. #fendt #katana #wiking

KRAMPE HALFPIPE HP20 by WIKING | UNBOXED | Farm model review no.102


Unboxing Wiking's NEW Krampe Halfpipe Hp20 twin axle dump trailer in 1/32 scale. If you find these videos useful and would like to show your support why not drop me a coffee via the link below. 🤍 Wiking have well established Krampe as a recognised trailer brand in 1/32. One of their finest creations was their limited edition black Claas Krampe Big Body 650. First thing noticed is the weight of the box, for its size, its heavy. Typical of all Krampe scale models they are made up of a metal chassis and trailer body and is no different here. Inside, everything as it should be with wheel chocks mounted to the right side. This trailer is very well finished in the Krampe red with a multitude of decals on all sides. Twin bogey axle underneath the Hardox body which lifts from a front mounted single hydraulic ram. At the back, rear light design is authentic and it carries the registration MK HP 20. Overall, Wiking doing what they have done best previously, an uncomplicated recreation which is detailed as well as well finished. Given its price of €59.99 we certainly are getting value for money. #krampe #agrifarmmodels #halfpipe This model was kindly loaned to AFM TV by Trevor Tallon so a huge thanks to him an his continued support for the channel. Subscribe to 🤍Agri Farm Models TV on youtube or Instagram 🤍 🤍

Krampe Big Body 650 | 1:32 | Wiking


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