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Wikipedia - Behind the Encyclopedia


This video talks about how the world's largest encyclopedia came to be and how it operates differently than most other popular websites. To submit ideas and vote on future topics: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 A very special thanks to this wonderful group of Patrons: Amy Westacott, Angus Clydesdale, Brandon L, Brett Walton, Chris Lion-Transler, Christian & Penny Gray, Dominique Dugas, Dustin Van Horn, Dylan Kinnard, Emerald Computers – Jason Dragon, Fortunate Calf, Jesse Long, Jimmy1985, Jon, Julianne Beach, Logan Brown, Marshall Kurtz, Meow Wolf, Michelle Chisholm, Mike Weaver, milkshake, My NameIsKir, Nicholas Murphy, Peter Wesselius, Rob, Robert T Kirton, Sam Bennett, Sirpoptart, Sondre Grimsmo Sinnes, Stewart Tritapoe, Super Duper Paratrooper, Taylor LaBrier, Tristan Williams, Victor Anne, Vincent Frame. Company Declines: Kmart: 🤍 Blockbuster: 🤍 RadioShack: 🤍 Solo Cups: 🤍 Toys "R" Us: 🤍 hhgregg: 🤍 Pan Am: 🤍 ESPN: 🤍 Gibson: 🤍 iHeartMedia: 🤍 Bon-Ton: 🤍 Kodak: 🤍 General Electric: 🤍 Woolworth: 🤍 Dell: 🤍 Sears: 🤍 Payless: 🤍 Hostess: 🤍 Redbox: 🤍 Nokia: 🤍 JCPenney: 🤍 Quiznos: 🤍 GameStop: 🤍 NASCAR: 🤍 Shopko: 🤍 MoviePass: 🤍 Reebok: 🤍 The Gap: 🤍 Pier 1 Imports: 🤍 Sbarro: 🤍 AOL: 🤍 Long John Silver's: 🤍 Chuck E. Cheese's: 🤍 GNC: 🤍 Website created by - 🤍 Intro Made By - 🤍

How to Make a Wikipedia Page


Learn how to create your own Wikipedia page, step-by-step, from start to finish! We'll cover everything you need to know to make a Wikipedia page on your PC or Mac. #Wikipedia Steps: 1. Go to 🤍 in your web browser and click on the language version that you want to use. 2. In the upper-right corner, click Log In. 3. Click in the box labelled “Enter your user name” and type in your user name. Then click on the box labelled “Enter your password” and type in your password (it will appear as bullet points to protect it from prying eyes). Finally, click the Log In button. 4. You will notice that the menu in the top-right corner has changed. Click on Sandbox. 5. Your “Sandbox” is your personal editing space, where you can practice how to create and edit pages, and even submit new pages to Wikipedia once they’re done. The top toolbar gives you some quick formatting options, such as bolding or italicizing your font, inserting a hyperlink or image, or using other common formatting conventions (such as lists or tables). The bottom toolbar lets you add special characters, including codes that have various effects on Wikipedia. The middle of the page is your main window, where you’ll start typing to bring your article to life! 6. If you’re still totally lost, type 🤍 into your web browser to get an easy example of how to create a Wikipedia article. 7. When you’re done, you can click Show Preview to see what your article will actually look like once it’s up on Wikipedia. If you like what you see, you can click Save Page. 8. If you’re satisfied and want to try to make your page available for everyone who visits Wikipedia to see, click Submit Your Draft for Review. Then click Save Page again when you get to the next screen. You’ll probably get plenty of feedback from the community on things that are good or can be improved. Don’t be discouraged if your article doesn’t pass the first time; just take the feedback you get into consideration and try again, or ask for help on a “talk” page. Either way, you’ve taken your first step towards contributing to a global archive of shared knowledge!

Wikipedia's Website Gets A Rating Of…


#webdevelopment #webdesign #css Watch as I show you how I would redesign Wikipedia's mobile site if I had the chance. The icons I use: 🤍 Support the channel: 🤍 (accepts PayPal, card, etc). Tools used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript CodePen: 🤍 Wikipedia: 🤍 Music Credits: Beyond The Clouds - StreamBeats - Lofi - Harris Heller

The History of Wikipedia (in two minutes)


This is a short video about how the online information repository Wikipedia came into being. NOTE: This video is intended to be a very simple overview of the Wikipedia project. With that said, the video does gloss over Larry Sanger's contributions to Wikipedia, and it oversimplifies his reasons for leaving the project. As pointed out by Larry Sanger himself, Mr. Sanger did approve of, and support Wikipedia as a free, open source, online encyclopedia; however, he was critical of "certain aspects of the Wikipedia project." More information on Larry Sanger's role in Wikipedia's development, and his criticism of the model, can be found here: 🤍 More interesting stuff at: 🤍. ...or follow 🤍SurviveEnglish on Twitter

What is Wikipedia with Full Information? – [Hindi] – Quick Support


#WhatisWikipedia? #Education #career What is Wikipedia with Full Information? – [Hindi] – Quick Support. क्या हमें विकिपीडिया के बारे में कुछ ऐसी इंफॉर्मेशंस शेयर नहीं कर लेनी चाहिए जो वाकई इंफॉर्मेटिव हो और दुनिया की सारी चीज़ों के बारे में नॉलेज देने वाले विकिपीडिया के बारे में भी आपको कुछ एक्स्ट्रा नॉलेज मिल जाये। तो इसी बात पर आज विकिपीडिया के बारे में ही इंटरेस्टिंग नॉलेज ले लेते हैं इस वीडियो के जरिये. इसीलिए इस विडियो को पूरा जरुर देखिये. Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 Channel Owner: Anil Nakrani

026: Wikipedia: the internet's free encyclopedia


In this episode, we delve into the Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. 🤍 The Character chasing me at the start is, of course, a Wookiee not a Wiki. :) 🤍 The Tech Doctor Network: Complex things explained simply. Helping you get comfortable with your technology! If something looks odd with me, I've shaved. I'm supporting Men's Health by taking part in Movember. Please feel free to donate to support this wonderful cause. 🤍 Wikipedia Logo: By Wikimedia Foundation, CC BY-SA 3.0, 🤍 Learn how to become your own DIY Technician. Learn - Protect - Fix Learn about technology Protect yourself from trouble Fix it when it breaks Support the Channel on Patreon: 🤍 What is Patreon: 🤍 Join our email list: 🤍 The Tech Doctor Network: Complex things explained simply. Helping you find your way through a maze of technology. New episodes every weekend. Subscribe Here: 🤍 and press the bell for notifications. Don't have a Google Account? We have a video about that here: 🤍 Grab a T-Shirt, Mug or other Merch at 🤍 Thanks for reading! Proudly made for you in Melbourne VIC Victoria Australia Some links are affiliate links that may pay commission to the Tech Doctor. Thank you for supporting the Channel

How Wikipedia Killed 244 Years Old Encyclopedia Britannica | Business Model | Disruptive innovation


This case study explains How Wikipedia Killed 244 Years Old Encyclopedia Britannica How Wikipedia earns money ? #Wikipedia #BusinessModel #Disruptiveinnovation #Encyclopedia

Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia


🤍 Jimmy Wales recalls how he assembled "a ragtag band of volunteers," gave them tools for collaborating and created Wikipedia, the self-organizing, self-correcting, never-finished online encyclopedia. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes including speakers such as Jill Bolte Taylor, Sir Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Al Gore and Arthur Benjamin. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on, at 🤍

How do Desktop Computers Work? 💻🛠🔬 [3D ANIMATED Teardown]


Go to 🤍 for a 30-day free trial and expand your knowledge. The first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to journey through the inside of your computer? In this video, we're taking you on a 3D animated adventure to every piece of computer hardware inside a desktop computer. You'll also see a nanoscopic view of the transistors inside the CPU and GPU. This video is like a biology dissection lab; instead, we're opening up a computer and seeing all the various computer hardware inside. Do you want to support in-depth engineering and technology education? Join us at: 🤍 Website: 🤍 On Facebook: 🤍 On Twitter: 🤍 On Insta: 🤍 Table of Contents: 00:00 - 3D Computer Teardown 01:03 - Central Processing Unit CPU 03:12 - Motherboard 05:20 - CPU Cooler 06:00 - Desktop Power Supply 07:22 - Brilliant Sponsorship 08:52 - Graphics Card and GPU 11:52 - Computer Teardown Process 13:14 - DRAM 14:02 - Solid State Drives 15:04 - Hard Disk Drive HDD 15:52 - Computer Mouse 16:15 - Computer Keyboard 16:30 - Outro Key Branches from this video are: How does DRAM Work? How do SSDs Work? How do Smartphone CPUs Work? Erratum: Animation: Mike Radjabov Script: Teddy Tablante Twitter: 🤍teddytablante Modeling: Prakash Kakadiya Voice Over: Phil Lee Sound Design: 🤍 Sound Effects and Music Editor: David Pinete Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer: Luis Huesca Animation built using Blender 3.4.1 🤍 References: 27 Main Parts of Motherboard and its Function 🤍 Cortex-A77- Microarchitectures - ARM 🤍 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Review - Pascal GPU Architecture 🤍 Intel's 10th Generation Desktop CPUs have arrived - Still on 14nm 🤍 Intel Core i9 - 10850K Processor 🤍 Insights into DDR5 Sub-Timings and Latencies 🤍 Mechanical Keyboard Guide 🤍 Nvidia GP102 🤍 Teardown of a PC Power Supply 🤍 Wikipedia contributors. "Back End of Line". "Central Processing Unit". "Computers". "Dynamic Random-Access Memory". "Motherboard". Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, Visited March 22nd 2022 #Computer #Hardware #Teardown

Wikipedia's Bias


I love Wikipedia! I even donated to it. But I won't donate again, now that I've learned how BIASED Wikipedia has become. ———— To make sure you see the new weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here: 🤍 ———— No right-leaning outlets, Fox News Politics, the Daily Wire, the Daily Caller, etc… is considered “reliable” by Wikipedia. None. But even some of the most extreme leftist outlets get a "reliable" badge like “Jacobin," a self-described SOCIALIST outlet. Vox, Buzzfeed News, and Slate are also deemed “reliable” by Wikipedia. Editors may base stories on their reporting. Why did Wikipedia become so biased? Veteran Wikipedian Jonathan Weiss tells me that the site, like academia, has been captured by leftists. Some Wikipedia administrators even brag on their profiles, "this user is a socialist." Another put up images idolizing communist murderers Che Guevara and Vladimir Lenin. These administrators make final decisions about what counts as “reliable," and what goes on Wikipedia. That’s why for years, Wiki's "communism" page made NO mention of the millions killed by that ideology. US border facilities are listed under "concentration camps,” on the same page as Wikipedia’s holocaust facilities. Can we fix this? Wikipedia is supposed to be a site that "anyone can edit," so I made an edit. You can find out what happened in the video above.

Pink Floyd, Baking and Whitewater Kayaking - The Impact of Wikipedia


'The Impact Of Wikipedia' How Wikipedia works, in the voices of a few of those who make it. Support Wikipedia: 🤍 To learn more about Wikipedia, please visit 🤍 Produced during Wikimania 2012 by the Wikimedia Foundation. Also view on Wikimedia Commons: 🤍

Wikipedia day: 20th birthday पर wikipedia से जुड़े interesting facts के बारे में जानिए


Wikipedia Day is an occasion to celebrate Wikipedia's birthday. On 15 January 2001, two American entrepreneurs-Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched an online encyclopedia.It was called Wikipedia. Despite much criticism early on about inaccuracies, it has gone on to be hugely successful. Know so many interesting fact about wikipedia. Wikipedia’s Main Page has always been its most viewed, followed by Special: Search and Special: Random. People says Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time. तेरा तुझको अर्पण के लिए यहां क्लिक करें - 🤍 Install The Lallantop Android App: 🤍 Follow us on: 🤍 Like The Lallantop on Facebook: 🤍 Follow The Lallantop on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Futkar on YouTube for Short videos: 🤍 Follow Latak on Instagram: 🤍 For advertisements e-mail us at: Ads🤍 Produced By: The Lallantop Edited By: Varun

Slightly unusual Wikipedia articles


just a little bit odd ya know - Links to the articles: 🤍 Music: Kevin MacLeod - Acid Jazz Kevin MacLeod - Thinking Music Kevin MacLeod - Casa Bossa Nova Kevin MacLeod - Airport Lounge Kevin MacLeod - If I Had a Chicken Trauma Center DS 2 - Gentle Breeze Chris Haugen - Front Porch Blues Mega Man X (SNES) Music - Storm Eagle toby fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack - sans Doom OST - E1M1 - At Doom's Gate Text Me Records - Where Am I - - - Want to support me? I agree that ads can be annoying, but allowing ads to appear while watching videos is one of the best ways to support me (and other YT creators you watch as well), and it doesn't cost you anything. Over 60% of my viewers are blocking the ads these days.. so please consider turning off your adblocker (if you use one). Thank you. - - - I tweet sometimes: 🤍 - - - Check out my music: 🤍 🤍

Wikipedia Vs. Encyclopedia


🤍 - Between Wikipedia and the more traditional encyclopedia, which is better? While there are several different encyclopedias out there to choose from, the argument can certainly be made that the content inside them is more consistent and reliable than what you might find with Wikipedia. Still, Wikipedia has proven reliable in many instances. Not only is it a larger database of information, containing data about millions of subjects in multiple languages, but Wikipedia is also more up-to-date. In many cases, Wikipedia is updated before many news stations catch wind of a breaking story, thanks in part to a dedicated group of volunteer content creators numbering in the thousands. Unfortunately, not everything in Wikipedia (or an encyclopedia for that matter) is very reliable. For example, a simple edit of an article about a person can change their entire life story. Facts are often incorrectly presented or assumed, making it a playground for pranksters that edit profiles. The community is generally very good at reversing these issues, making a prank or false update disappear relatively quickly once the problem has been brought to light. Is Wikipedia better than a traditional encyclopedia? That really depends on what you're searching for. 🤍 🤍 🤍

How to Edit a Wikipedia Article


Full Playlist: 🤍 - - Watch more How to Use Internet Search & Web Browsers videos: 🤍 Eager to add your expertise to an article on Wikipedia, the free, online encyclopedia that's one of the world's most visited websites? Follow these helpful hints to edit your first article. Step 1: Consider opening an account If you're not already a registered Wikipedia user, consider becoming one. If you edit a piece without registering, the site will record your IP address publicly in the article's edit history. With an account, you can also start new pages and upload images. To register, click "create account" at the top right of any page. Step 2: Edit text To get started, click on the "edit this page" tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the original page. Just start typing! Get help at any time by clicking the link "Help" in the toolbox on the left of any page. Tip If you don't see an "edit this page" tab at the top, it means the page is protected from editing, probably because of a high incidence of malicious changes. Step 3: Open only what you need If you're making just a small change in one part of the article, look for the "edit" link on the right side of each section, and click on the one next to the passage you want to revise. This allows you to make changes in one section without opening the whole article. Tip Use the tool bar above the way you would with any word processing program. Don't worry about strange punctuation marks that might appear; this is just Wikipedia formatting your copy. Step 4: Source your work If you're adding new information, be sure to provide reliable sources that verify your work, or it will likely be deleted. Detailed instructions on the proper way to cite sources can be found by typing WP:CITE into the search box and hitting "Go." Tip Material in books and newspapers generally is considered reliable; the musings of bloggers are not. And don't bother writing about yourself; it's considered a conflict of interest. Step 5: Explain your edit Briefly explain your changes in the "Edit summary" box at the bottom. Your explanation can run up to 200 characters. Step 6: Review your changes Review your changes by hitting the "Show preview" tab at the bottom. If you want to compare your changes to the text you altered, hit the "Show changes" button. Once you're satisfied with your work, hit the "Save page" button. Step 7: Check it out Check out your contribution, which will appear instantly. But be aware that if there are any inaccuracies in your text, someone will soon be editing you. Wikipedia saves all versions, and anyone can view them. Tip If you have an account, click the "watch" tab to track changes made to the article. On the "My watchlist" page, click "diff," to see exactly what has been changed Step 8: Look for your work Keep an eye on the featured content on Wikipedia's front page; the article with your improvements may show up there someday! Did You Know? Seventy-five percent of Wikipedia edits are made by two percent of users.

Is Wikipedia a Credible Source?


It's the go-to website for information on just about anything. But is the info on Wikipedia worth it's weight in megabytes? Trace has the answer and tells us about a new plan to up the accuracy of some of its most popular pages. Read More: UCSF First U.S. Medical School to Offer Credit For Wikipedia Articles 🤍 "UC San Francisco soon will be the first U.S. medical school at which medical students can earn academic credit for editing medical content on Wikipedia." Medical Students Can Now Earn Credit for Editing Wikipedia 🤍 "Starting this winter, medical students at the University of California San Francisco will be able to obtain academic credit from an unlikely source: Wikipedia." Using Wikipedia 🤍 "As a tool for scholarly research, Wikipedia can be either a grade-killer or a valuable friend, depending on who you ask and what you hope to accomplish using it. What is fairly certain is that your professor won't let you cite it in a scholarly research paper." Citing Wikipedia 🤍 Most university lecturers discourage students from citing any encyclopedia in academic work, preferring primary sources; some specifically prohibit Wikipedia citations. Wales stresses that encyclopedias of any type are not usually appropriate to use as citeable sources, and should not be relied upon as authoritative." Special Report Internet encyclopaedias go head to head 🤍 "Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia comes close to Britannica in terms of the accuracy of its science entries, a Nature investigation finds." Britannica attacks... and we respond. 🤍 Watch More: Are We All Internet Addicts? 🤍 Scientists Vs Internet Trolls 🤍 7 NEW Wonders Of the World: 🤍 DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube 🤍 Subscribe now! 🤍 DNews on Twitter 🤍 Anthony Carboni on Twitter 🤍 Laci Green on Twitter 🤍 Trace Dominguez on Twitter 🤍 DNews on Facebook 🤍 DNews on Google+ 🤍 Discovery News 🤍

Wiki Encyclopedia for Android review


Those of you who are Android users looking for a way to take Wikipedia with you on the go need look no further than Wiki Encyclopedia. This free application allows you to search both Wikipedia and Wikitravel right from your Android smartphone 🤍 🤍

Things come together | Wikipedia


How can you learn about the world from even the smallest village? Wikipedia. In this short video, Nigerian film legend Peter Edochie reprises one of his most famous roles to show how Wikipedia can help anyone, anywhere learn more about the world: 🤍 Produced in collaboration with the Wikimedia Nigeria User Group, Anakle, and the Wikimedia Foundation. Also view on Wikimedia Commons: 🤍 and Vimeo: 🤍

La WikiGuida di Wikipedia


Oggigiorno, chi non ha mai sentito parlare di Wikipedia? Quasi tutti risponderebbero senza titubare, che Wikipedia è l'enciclopedia libera, che possono consultare gratuitamente in internet. Ma quante persone conoscono veramente che cosa è Wikipedia, cosa ci posso trovare e che cosa no, come funziona, quali sono le sue potenzialità, che cosa posso fare con i suoi contenuti, come è nata, come è possibile collaborarci? Lo scopo di questo lavoro è quello di introdurre passo passo al magico mondo di Wikipedia. Il video è stato interamente realizzato (testi, video e audio) da Christian Biasco e Francesca Terri, in collaborazione con diversi wikimediani, ed è prodotto da Wikimedia Italia. Viene rilasciato con licenza CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia


Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia My Amazon Shop link for Youtubers: 🤍

Wikipedia 2014: A year of edits


The world made more than 100 million edits to Wikipedia in 2014. In our first ever annual video, revisit what you read and edited, from the FIFA World Cup to the Indian general elections, and the Ice Bucket Challenge to Ebola in West Africa. Use the hashtag #Edit2014 to follow the conversation. Support Wikipedia: 🤍 View on Wikimedia Commons: 🤍 and Vimeo: 🤍 *Correction 1: Creative Consulting: *Correction 2: Protester wearing Ukraine state flag colors facing the massive fire set by protesters to prevent internal forces from crossing the barricade line. Kyiv, Ukraine. Jan 22, 2014.jpg by Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe/🤍 Published under CC-by-SA 3.0 🤍 Available here: 🤍

Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia


Wikipedia now boasts more than 5.7 million articles in English and millions more translated into other languages, all written by online volunteers. Errol Barnett talks to one editor who was named among Time Magazine’s most influential people on the internet. Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: 🤍 Download the CBS News app on iOS HERE: 🤍 Download the CBS News app on Android HERE: 🤍 Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: 🤍 Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: 🤍 Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: 🤍 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! 🤍 Delivered by Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King, John Dickerson, and Bianna Golodryga, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.

Wikipedia | The Diatribe


Wikipedia seems to much maligned for its easy editing and possibility of hoaxes, vandalism, and other types of sabotage. But this misses the entire point of wiki: it is an encyclopedia! So today I want to talk about its usefulness in regards to scholarship, and what its actual problems are. We're going to talk about source mining, tertiary sources, and common knowledge principles in regards to the history profession. References: nothing to cite, but here are some wiki links about that explain some of this stuff more thoroughly: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🤍 Support the channel through Patreon: 🤍 LET'S CONNECT: 🤍 🤍 Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia with the aim to allow anyone to edit articles.[3] Wikipedia is the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet,[4][5][6] and is ranked the fifth-most popular website.[7] Wikipedia is owned by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation.[8][9][10] Wikipedia was launched on January 15, 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.[11] Sanger coined its name,[12][13] a portmanteau of wiki[notes 4] and encyclopedia. There was only the English-language version initially, but similar versions in other languages quickly developed, which differ in content and in editing practices. With 5,501,673 articles,[notes 5] the English Wikipedia is the largest of the more than 290 Wikipedia encyclopedias. Overall, Wikipedia comprises more than 40 million articles in 299 different languages[15] and, as of February 2014, it had 18 billion page views and nearly 500 million unique visitors each month.[16] As of March 2017, Wikipedia has about 40,000 high-quality articles, known as Featured Articles and Good Articles, that cover vital topics.[17][18] In 2005, Nature published a peer review comparing 42 science articles from Encyclopædia Britannica and Wikipedia, and found that Wikipedia's level of accuracy approached that of Encyclopædia Britannica.[19] Wikipedia has been criticized for allegedly exhibiting systemic bias, presenting a mixture of "truths, half truths, and some falsehoods",[20] and, in controversial topics, being subject to manipulation and spin.[21] Hashtags: #Wikipedia #SourceMining #CommonKnowledge #History

What Happened To Wikipedia's Founders?


Wikipedia is no doubt one of the most useful resources as a student as it basically has articles on everything you can think of from history and literature to calculus and physics. Despite this, most teachers and professors aren't very big fans of Wikipedia given that the site has historically not been the most accurate or reputable because anyone can submit revisions and additions to the site. Over time, the site has become much more accurate due to the large number of contributors, and in most cases, all of the sources used for the wiki article are cited. So, Wikipedia is often a great starting point to get a general understanding of a topic or concept which can then be confirmed by cross-referencing the sources. But, this still leaves the question: Who founded Wikipedia and where are the founders today? This video explains the story of Larry Sanger, Jimmy Wales, and Wikipedia, and how they created one of the most resourceful sites in the world. Discord Community: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Wikipedia 0:59 - Jimmy Wales 3:45 - Larry Sanger 6:00 - Nupedia 8:10 - Wikipedia 10:16 - Jimmy & Larry Today Thumbnail Credits: Rex 🤍 🤍 Resources: 🤍



Dzisiaj postaram się opowiedzieć wam historię powstania Wikipedii, dziwną i zawiłą. Moja platforma edukacyjna: 🤍 WAŻNE: 1. Jeśli wyskoczy ci błąd czy cokolwiek na platformie pisz na - szymon🤍 2. W razie jak linku aktywacyjnego nie będzie - sprawdź spam! Albo dział "oferty"! Źródła: 1. Bomis 🤍 2.🤍 3.🤍 4.🤍 5.🤍 6.🤍 7.🤍 8.🤍 9.🤍 10.🤍 11.🤍 12.🤍 13.🤍 14. PDF, o którym mówiłem 🤍 15.🤍 16.🤍 _Publikationen/AH76_Wikipedia_Oppong_2014_01_13.pdf - strona 56 17.🤍 - strona 57 18. 🤍 - strona 62 19.🤍 - strona 65. 20.🤍 21.🤍 - strona 66 🤍 - strona 67 22.🤍 23.🤍 24.🤍 25. 🤍 26.🤍 🤍 27.🤍 28.🤍 29.🤍 30.🤍 31.🤍 - do porównania z filmem balda w 32 źródle 32.🤍 Ogólnie scenariusz całego filmu, jakbyście chcieli poukładane źródła: 🤍 TU MNIE ZNAJDZIESZ! ►🤍 👍 🧠 Fragmenty utworów należą do ich prawnych właścicieli i zostały wykorzystane wg prawa cytatu (art.29 ust.1 ustawy o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych).

Wikipedia è il miglior Sito al Mondo?


Wikipedia è il più grande progetto di democratizzazione della conoscenza della storia. Eppure nel nostro paese viene bistrattato. Come mai? Wikipedia è veramente così pessima come si dice? Ne parliamo in questo video. Il video è sponsorizzato da Cambly qui trovate i link di cui vi ho parlato: - Link promozionali Cambly (codice promo entropy2022). - Lezione gratuita di 10 minuti: 🤍 - Iscriviti con il 50% di sconto: 🤍 IL VIDEO DEL CANALE DI DIDATTICA: 🤍 PUOI SUPPORTARE IL CANALE E PERMETTERE DI FARE ANCORA PIU' TUTTO IN GRANDE: Tipeee: 🤍 (piattaforma che preferisco) Patreon: 🤍 Oppure con una donazione libera tramite Paypal: 🤍 SECONDO CANALE: 🤍 LEZIONI DI BIOLOGIA PODCAST: 🤍 DOVE TROVARMI: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TELEGRAM Canale: 🤍 Contatto personale: 🤍 FACEBOOK pagina: 🤍 MAIL entropyforlife2🤍 By Version 1 by Nohat (concept by Paullusmagnus); Wikimedia. - File:Wikipedia-logo.svg as of 14 May 2010T23:16:42, CC BY-SA 3.0, 🤍 By A455bcd9 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, 🤍 CC BY-SA 3.0, 🤍 CC BY-SA 3.0, 🤍 By Luca Signorelli - Own work Georges Jansoone (JoJan) Taken on 30 April 2008, CC BY-SA 3.0, 🤍 BlankMap-World.svg., CC BY-SA 4.0, 🤍 Di Didier Descouens - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0, 🤍

“Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia”


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Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia.


Specification Complete the implementation of your Wiki encyclopedia. You must fulfill the following requirements: Entry Page: Visiting /wiki/TITLE, where TITLE is the title of an encyclopedia entry, should render a page that displays the contents of that encyclopedia entry. The view should get the content of the encyclopedia entry by calling the appropriate util function. If an entry is requested that does not exist, the user should be presented with an error page indicating that their requested page was not found. If the entry does exist, the user should be presented with a page that displays the content of the entry. The title of the page should include the name of the entry. Index Page: Update index.html such that, instead of merely listing the names of all pages in the encyclopedia, user can click on any entry name to be taken directly to that entry page. Search: Allow the user to type a query into the search box in the sidebar to search for an encyclopedia entry. If the query matches the name of an encyclopedia entry, the user should be redirected to that entry’s page. If the query does not match the name of an encyclopedia entry, the user should instead be taken to a search results page that displays a list of all encyclopedia entries that have the query as a substring. For example, if the search query were ytho, then Python should appear in the search results. Clicking on any of the entry names on the search results page should take the user to that entry’s page. New Page: Clicking “Create New Page” in the sidebar should take the user to a page where they can create a new encyclopedia entry. Users should be able to enter a title for the page and, in a textarea, should be able to enter the Markdown content for the page. Users should be able to click a button to save their new page. When the page is saved, if an encyclopedia entry already exists with the provided title, the user should be presented with an error message. Otherwise, the encyclopedia entry should be saved to disk, and the user should be taken to the new entry’s page. Edit Page: On each entry page, the user should be able to click a link to be taken to a page where the user can edit that entry’s Markdown content in a textarea. The textarea should be pre-populated with the existing Markdown content of the page. (i.e., the existing content should be the initial value of the textarea). The user should be able to click a button to save the changes made to the entry. Once the entry is saved, the user should be redirected back to that entry’s page. Random Page: Clicking “Random Page” in the sidebar should take user to a random encyclopedia entry. Markdown to HTML Conversion: On each entry’s page, any Markdown content in the entry file should be converted to HTML before being displayed to the user. You may use the python-markdown2 package to perform this conversion, installable via pip3 install markdown2. Challenge for those more comfortable: If you’re feeling more comfortable, try implementing the Markdown to HTML conversion without using any external libraries, supporting headings, boldface text, unordered lists, links, and paragraphs. You may find using regular expressions in Python helpful.

01/17: Wikipedia marks 15 years as internet's 'free encyclopedia'


The News Today with Ayman Sikseck - 01/17/2016 i24news is an international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel based in Jaffa Port. For more from our news teams 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

📚 CASO WIKIPEDIA: ¿Está en peligro la enciclopedia más grande del mundo?


¿Quieres Aprender sobre Modelos de Negocio y Emprendimiento? Hazlo GRATIS aquí👉 🤍

How to Create a Wikipedia Article


Full Playlist: 🤍 - - Watch more How to Use Internet Search & Web Browsers videos: 🤍 Share your expertise on a subject by writing about it for Wikipedia, the world's biggest encyclopedia. This multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia already contains millions of articles, but there's always room for something new. Why not publish something by you? Step 1: Have the right topic Before you try to create an article, make sure you have an appropriate topic. Wikipedia wants unbiased, well-sourced information about subjects that are notable enough to appear in an encyclopedia. The site rejects articles that promote or publicize a business; advice – legal, medical or otherwise; instructional material; travel guides; and news items. Tip Get ideas for topics by typing WP:RA in the search box; a list of articles requested by others will appear. Step 2: Source your work Make sure you get the information for your article from a credible, reliable source. Material in books and newspapers is generally considered reliable; the musings of bloggers are not. And don't bother writing about yourself; it's considered a conflict of interest. Tip Detailed instructions on the proper way to cite sources can be found by typing WP:CITE into the search box and hitting "Go." Step 3: Conduct an internal search Make sure Wikipedia hasn't already published an article on your exact subject by typing it into the site's internal search engine. Search as many variations of the topic name as you can think of, including common misspellings of relevant terms. Tip Click "Search" to find Wikipedia articles that just mention your subject. Step 4: Google it Search the topic on Google to see if it finds any Wikipedia articles on your subject. Google sometimes picks up postings that Wikipedia's own search engine misses. Step 5: Sign up Become a registered user to submit an article without first gaining the site's approval. Having an account also means you can create a user profile, receive messages from other users, request notification for changes made to articles, and, of course, get credit for the articles you write. Click on "create an account" at the top right of any page. Tip If you'd prefer not to register, submit a proposal through Wikipedia's Articles for Creation, an online review process that provides feedback on your idea. Type WP:AFC in a Search box and hit "Go." Step 6: Practice writing Practice writing an article by composing a draft in the Sandbox, where you can familiarize yourself with the site's editing tools. Get there by typing WP:SB in the Search box and hitting, "Go." Click "Help" in the toolbox to the left of any page for guidance. Step 7: Enter the article Type your subject in a Search box and hit "Go." You've already determined that no page with that title exists. Click on your highlighted search entry. You'll be redirected to a blank page where you can begin writing your article. Tip Wikipedia editors may request more sources from you after reviewing your article. Step 8: Publish! When your article is finished, hit "Show Preview" to proofread your work and see how it will appear on the site. When you're ready to publish it, hit "Save Page." Congratulations! You're a Wikipedian! Did You Know? Wikipedia has published articles in more than 250 languages.

Wikipedia 2015: A year of edits


Pluto came into focus. A Shanghai skyscraper climbed into the sky. Tunisia's civil society won the Nobel Peace Prize. A Pharaoh chased down the Triple Crown. Paris mourned. #Edit2015 captures a tiny portion of the millions of edits that the world made to Wikipedia in 2015. Read more on the Wikimedia Blog: 🤍 See what we read in 2015: 🤍 Also view on Wikimedia Commons: 🤍 and on Vimeo: 🤍

information King


Wikipedia errors: A look at the encyclopedia's funniest blunders and hoaxes


As Wikipedia goes offline to protest the SOPA and PIPA Internet bills in the US, we look back at the biggest hoaxes on the free encyclopedia. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at 🤍 and follow us on Twitter at 🤍

NEVER Trust Wikipedia, the M103 Longstreet | Fake Tank Friday Shorts


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Wikipedia free Encyclopedia asking for donation


Wikipedia free Encyclopedia asking for donation

Beat Saber - Wikipedia - CBT the Full Experience


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Microsoft Teams Tutorial 2019 - How To Use Wiki


Microsoft Teams Tutorial 2019 - How To Use Wiki. In this video, we talk about wiki as part of Microsoft Teams. By the end of the video, you will understand what a wiki is, how to add one to your channel and why it is useful to use a wiki as part of Teams. Related videos to this one: - Microsoft OneNote & Wiki: 🤍 Need help unlocking the modern workplace in your organisation? Get our free Teams training deck here: 🤍 or... apply to join our Modern Workplace Accelerator Programme: 🤍 or... If you liked this video or it helped you out at all, then please consider buying me a beer to help support the channel to keep making free content: 🤍 (it is entirely optional and only a one-off payment, no subscription required) _ Watch the accompanying full basic training tutorials here: Full Basic Training Part 1 (Team and channel overview, posting basics and best practices, file basics, tabs, Planner and Wiki overview): 🤍 Full Basic Training Part 2 (more notification settings, other options to add to your posts and the best way to manage your files in Teams): 🤍 Full Basic Training Part 3 (video calling and Microsoft Planner basics): 🤍 _ If you liked this you can check out our other most popular videos: - How To Use Meetings & Video Conference Calls: 🤍 - How To Use Wiki: 🤍 - How To Use Microsoft Planner For Meetings: 🤍 _ ...or see our videos on Teams via the following playlists: - All Teams Videos: 🤍 - Microsoft Teams Tutorials 2020: 🤍 - Microsoft OneNote & Wiki: 🤍 - Microsoft Planner: 🤍 - Microsoft Power Automate / Flow: 🤍 _ Say hi on social: LinkedIn: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 To save time in meetings, check out MeeTime meeting timer for iOS at: 🤍 or directly on the Apple AppStore: 🤍 _ 🤍 🤍 #MicrosoftTeams #Microsoft365 #Microsoft365Business #Office365 #ModernWorkplace #Wiki #MeeTime

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